Doctor’s TV Ads Franchise for Sale in Durbanville, Western Cape

    Dr TV Ads 200

Doctor’s TV Ads is an electronic media advertising business

Finance Details

A franchise fee of R150 000 excl. VAT. A minimum upfront fee of R50 000 is required and Rent to Own option over 36 months for outstanding balance. A monthly royalty fee of R3 280 excl. VAT is payable

What do you get for your investment?


  • Installation of equipment by the franchisor or its representative, at 7 host premises in a designated area
  • 7 x 32″ LCD screens
  • 7 x Wall brackets
  • 7 x Computers
  • 7 x Operating system licenses
  • 7 x Computer housings
  • 7 x Advertising boards
  • Installation charges
  • Miscellaneous (installation)
  • Laptop, flash drive
  • Surge protection
  • Electronic timers
  • 500 x personalised business cards + 1 x invoice book
  • Wireless optical mouse
  • USB multiplug
  • Advertising programme will be incorporated into the start-up menu
  • Relevant software
  • Location: Durbanville, Western Cape
  • No of Staff: Owner operated
  • Clients: All local clients wishing to advertise electronically in doctor’s waiting rooms

Training and Support

Doctor’s TV Ads guarantees full training of each franchisee and 100% back-up and support in all facets of the business. This can be verified by any of our existing franchisees. Should you need advice, your franchisor is just a phone call away!

An initial 3 day theoretical training program will be followed by practical training including:

  • Identifying potential clients
  • Contacting and setting up appointments
  • On-site presentation, negotiation and closing the deal
  • Signing of contract and sourcing relevant advertising material
  • Submitting information to head office for graphic design
  • Customer approval of created advert
  • Finalising payment and advert upload at all the premises
  • After-sales service and client follow-up regarding advert updates and contract renewals
Dr TV Ads 200

Doctor’s TV Ads started out as a small family-run business in 2004. Within three years this innovative concept had grown to become a very exciting and successful enterprise ready for expansion and perfect for franchising. Subsequently, Doctor’s TV Ads obtained FASA membership and since then 44 outlets have been registered.

In 2010, Doctor’s TV Ads also received the Newcomer Franchisor of the Year award; an honour it shares with previous winners, the likes of which include Sasol, Vodacom, Mugg & Bean, Roman’s Pizza, Hot Dog Café and Multiserv.

Affordable Alternative Advertising to a captive audience

Doctor’s TV Ads is a dynamic, exciting concept in advertising, that creates an extremely affordable opportunity for the community and local businesses to advertise their products and services.

The success of the concept lies in its simplicity. If you make an appointment to visit your GP at 10:00, good manner requires that you be there at 9:45. We all know that due to the nature of their work, doctors may be behind schedule and may only see you at 10:30. This means that you will wait for 45 minutes in the waiting room with nothing to do.

Doctor’s TV Ads is a dynamic and novel concept of advertising which is affordable for the local small business community in most towns and city suburbs. The name Doctor’s TV Ads expresses precisely what we do. We utilise large format LCD screens in reception areas of doctors’ consulting rooms where a captive audience can be exposed to a continuous stream of selected advertising material on behalf of our customers. The success of the concept lies in its simplicity. Doctors generally have busy schedules and this may result in patients waiting idly for long periods at a time, usually more than 40 minutes. An LCD monitor with interesting and informative advertisements provides a welcome distraction. Advertising slots are each 20 seconds long and are screened in cycles of 20 minutes. This gives the advertiser exposure of his service or product at least twice every 40 minutes to waiting patients.

Why own a Doctor’s TV Ads Franchise

Please read carefully and consider the following Financial Information. Owning a Doctor’s TV Ads is a relatively small investment with a potentially excellent return. You do not need to rent an expensive office since the business can be run from home. Your income will be a direct reflection of the effort you put in. You will receive full training and as much support as you require.

As a potential franchise owner you must realise that you are neither a partner in a business nor engaged in a joint venture with the franchisor. This is your business. However, you must also realise that you need to follow the set franchise model and adhere to specific, proven operating systems, not only in your own, but also in the interest of all the other franchisees. This franchise is driven by consistent delivery of quality service to each customer. The franchise model provides you with the recipe but you need to bake the cake! Although you will receive sufficient support from the franchisor, you are ultimately responsible for the success of your business. Your commitment, drive and will to succeed will determine the rewards. has not evaluated, nor does it guarantee this resale opportunity. The onus is on the buyer to verify all information provided by the seller. Information on assessing a resale opportunity can be found here. This message does not constitute legal advice.

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MTI (Maximum Total Investment)
R50,000 - R100,000
Western Cape
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