Leading UK Website Arrives in Ireland

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Leading UK Website

To accommodate the needs of the growing Irish franchise industry, the UK’s number one online franchise company, whichfranchise, has launched a website catering solely for the Irish market, www.whichfranchise.ie.

Packed with comprehensive, quality information, advice, news and ethical opportunities, whichfranchise.ie is the ideal website for anyone thinking about starting out on their own in business and who wish to add franchising to their options.

Launched in 1999, whichfranchise.com was one of the first franchise websites in the UK. Through providing free and impartial information and advice, whichfranchise.com has helped thousands of potential franchisees make better-informed franchise decisions, resulting in hundreds of new franchise businesses being established in the UK.

whichfranchise.com’s dedication to ethical franchising has resulted in it being the only franchise website to achieve British Franchise Association (BFA) affiliate membership. whichfranchise.ie was recently awarded membership of the Irish Franchise Association.

The decision to expand to Ireland was an easy one for whichfranchise. “Launching an Irish specific website was a natural progression for us due to the close proximity and similarity of both markets,” commented Suzanne Donald, Marketing Manager, whichfranchise.ie.

“In the past few years we have seen a flurry of activity from the Irish franchise market. As well as an increase in the number of homegrown Irish brands looking to franchise, many international franchises are also looking to expand into Ireland. Further research led us to identify a gap in the market for an Irish specific website that is more about educating than promoting opportunities.

As in the UK, we aim to make whichfranchise.ie the number one website in Ireland for both potential franchisees and franchisors.”

whichfranchise.ie provides potential franchisees with free and impartial information, advice and opportunities. For more information visit www.whichfranchise.ie