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Language Holds no Barrier for VIP

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Language Holds no Barrier for VIP

Language Holds no Barrier for VIP

VIP Bin Cleaning have continued their expansion overseas by awarding the master licence for Belgium to Edwin van der Hel. This deal represents new and unchartered waters for the company as it is the first time they have launched the business into mainland Europe and even more importantly the first time into a non-English speaking country.

The company already has operations in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, California USA, and Ontario Canada, as well as franchisees throughout the UK. It was this experience and strong brand awareness that convinced Edwin to take the business into Belgium. Edwin commented:  decided 12 months ago that I wanted to launch a bin cleaning business into Belgium  during this time I did an incredible amount of background work including setting up my own company, own website, produced my own business plans and cash flows, and even printed my own stationery!

I then came into contact with VIP Bin Cleaning in the UK and after spending time with them I soon realised I had a much better chance of being successful if I joined them instead of trying to do it all myself. Since then I have spent a considerable amount of time with the VIP team in the UK and now have such a thorough understanding of the business and market that I have no doubt that I have made the right decision.

I did not appreciate the wealth of experience and knowledge of franchising that VIP had which will be so useful to me in establishing and developing the company and brand in Belgium I have thrown away all my original stationery, marketing materials and websites  my only regret is that I did not appreciate the VIP brand before I tried to do everything myself.

Mark Harvey, Managing Director of VIP Bin Cleaning, was impressed when he met Edwin especially when he saw how much work and effort he had already put into setting up his own bin cleaning business. It was obvious that Edwin had already identified the potential of setting up a bin cleaning business in Belgium which made our decision to award him the master licence much easier,commented Mark.

Edwin’s business background and knowledge coupled with VIP’s experience and strong franchising ethos and systems make the partnership a very powerful one. This is our first master licence in a non-English speaking country which will give the company new and different challenges but as far as we are concerned we consider the challenge to be exciting and one that we will happily embrace.

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