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Kholofelo Makena, Creative Minds® Grobersdal Franchisee

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Kholofelo Makena, Creative Minds® Grobersdal Franchisee

Kholofelo Makena, Creative Minds® Grobersdal Franchisee

Name: Kholofelo Makena
Franchise name: Creative Minds®
Location of franchise: Groblersdal/Jane Furse

Today I am thankful

Why did you go down the franchise route?

With the challenges experienced when I tried to register my own training centre in 2006, I decided to go the franchise route not only for what it offers, but I needed the support and mentoring which comes with the franchise.

Creative MindsWhy did you choose your franchise?

I chose Creative Minds, looking at their Training Methodology. Most ICT Training are focusing on quantity and not quality. IT training requires Flexibility, Personal attention to make sure the person being trained can really apply the lesson learned to a working environment. We have trained quite a couple of people who have found employment and with very positive feedback.

What did you do before taking up a franchise?

My interest in the franchise started in 2006. That is when I first enquired about starting my own business. I read about it, constantly observed the company as it grew and told myself that one day I will be part of that growth.

  • My first step was to enquire with the head office to see if I met the requirements.
  • After submitting required documentations I received the approval letter
  • Applied for Funding with Anglo American Fund.

How did you raise the finance?

We received funding from Anglo American- Zimele, Dennilton hub

What training and support did you receive initially and ongoing?

  • We received extensive training on how to operate within the franchise, policies and procedures
  • Training on all the modules that we would need to facilitate , Microsoft Office packages and Pastel Accounting from basic to advanced.
  • Pastel Accredited Trainer training and exams.
  • Training on Business administration and operations of the franchise
  • Marketing strategy
  • Performing one on one training
  • Facilitating a program
  • Train the Trainer and many more details.

What is a typical day for you as a franchisee?

  1. Administration
  2. Plan for various course lessons
  3. Prepare for assessments
  4. Liaise as service providers to various corporate and government customers.
  5. Schedule meetings with clients and students

What challenges have you faced?

Standard challenges that comes with any business, realising profit and getting local people to be passionate about the brand takes time to develop. The education sector especially private colleges is one of the most difficult sectors for people to trust. People need to verify the credential of the business, and make sure they have quality accreditation and qualifications. People have been stolen from by unscrupulous fly by night operators. You need to make sure you are partnered with a quality and legitimate organisation like Creative Minds® to make sure that you give the students the quality and value they deserve

Has becoming a franchisee changed your life, if so how?

It has drastically changed my life, being able to regularly communicate with the CEO of the company, getting to understand the business operations and having good mentors. It has improved my life, knowledge and skills. Being hands on has improved my interpersonal skills, self confidence and management skills in terms of operations and finances.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of buying their first franchise?

As much as it’s a franchise it requires creativity, innovation, dedication, desire and perseverance.
The business is what you make it. If anyone is eager to go into any franchise, let it be because of your passion for business and willingness to make an impact. Financial gain comes after hardworking and sometimes sleepless nights.

What are your plans for the future?

To be involved in Skills development projects, offer learnerships and internships through the SETAs.
To Grow the Creative Minds brand and own few more Creative Minds® Branches.

Would you do it again?

Yes, we are in the process of expanding, there is a great demand of end user computer training and Pastel in the province. We are opening at least one and possibly two more Creative Minds® branches in the near future.

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