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KFC Issues Pothole Challenge

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KFC Issues Pothole Challenge

KFC Issues Pothole Challenge

Following Mavela Dlamini’s, city manager of the City of Johannesburg’s (CoJ) recent call for assistance from the private sector and community to assist the Johannesburg Roads Agency in alleviating the pothole problem on Johannesburg’s roads, KFC donated R200 000.

“This was an easy decision for us to make,” explains Tanya van Schalkwyk, KFC spokesperson, “KFC head office in the US has participated in similar initiatives to repair local roads. The bad state of Johannesburg’s roads is issue that not only affects our customers, but it will affect thousands of fans coming in June. It’s time to take pride in our city and showcase Johannesburg as a world-class African city!”

“We are also challenging other companies, communities and associations to donate money or services to the CoJ to ensure that everyone can travel safely on Johannesburg roads,” concludes van Schalkwyk.


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