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Keeping the Franchise Flame Alive

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Keeping the Franchise Flame Alive

Keeping the Franchise Flame Alive

It happens all the time in many areas of our lives. We embark on a new journey, be it a new job, New Years’ resolutions or hobby. The initial excitement wanes after a few months. In many cases, we quit and venture into something else, and so it goes. This is also true for new franchisees. However, in this world, quitting may not be your best option. What do you do when the novelty has worn off? Here are a few suggestions on how to revive your passion so your franchise can continue to thrive.

Reasons you’ve lost your mojo

This sounds cliché, but it’s true: You need to understand the cause of the problem before you try to fix it. Reasons why your passion is waning could be:

Stress1. Stress. Running a business is stressful. Nothing can prepare you for the stress of running your own business, especially in the early days.



Boredom2. Boredom. If you’re stuck with tasks that don’t interest you, you could lose your passion.



Overworked3. Being overworked. There are no business hours in your own business. You sacrifice everything to get your business off the ground. Often, this can throw off work-life balance.

Now that you know what could be behind lagging motivation, read on to learn how to revive it and get back on track.

Five ways to reawaken passion as a franchisee

Becoming a franchisee can be exciting and terrifying all at once. You can’t wait to open your business and get to work. But when the new turns into the mundane and the daily tasks become routine, you’re on a dangerous slope. Suddenly your competition is one step ahead of you. Do the following to keep the passion alive:

Remember String on Finger1. Remember why you bought a franchise

Remember when you dreamt of owning your own business? Look back and don’t lose sight of what you wanted to achieve. Think back to the excitement you felt just before you opened your doors. Look at the goals, both financial and personal, that you set for yourself at the start. If you didn’t write your goals down then, take some time out to plan these now. This could be enough to stimulate you and get you back on track.

Learn2. Constantly learn

The day we stop learning is the day we die. Constantly look for ways to help you run your business better. Look for mentors and learn from other franchisees in the network. Read more or buy a business audio book for your car. If you can afford the time and energy, attend seminars on business topics. The learning process can be very invigorating.

Take a BreakTake a Break3. Take a break

In many cases a lack of motivation may stem from being overworked with a life out of balance. Despite your busy schedule, find a way to put aside work for a few hours every day, or at least every week.  Spend that time to focus on something fun or relaxing. Or spend time with your loved ones. Switch off the computer and ignore your cell phone. Research indicates that turning off your digital devices can improve your creativity, cognitive ability and have significant health benefits. Taking the time out can rejuvenate you, and this positive energy will spill over into your business.

Celebrate your success4. Celebrate your successes

If you’ve hit a rough patch, you might feel like what you’re doing isn’t worthwhile. In this instance, look back on your successes and let those moments inspire you again.  Overall, make it a rule to celebrate whenever success comes your way.  Celebrate big and small occasions. Doing this will always help you remember the feeling achievement brings so you can draw inspiration in tougher moments.

Get Expert Advice5. Follow expert advice

Remember, in franchising: “You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.” Talk to your franchise support personnel. They will understand what you’re going through and be there to assist. It may also help to speak to someone outside of the business – an experienced business coach may help put what you’re feeling into perspective.

The franchising experts at recommend you do the following to revive your passion:

  • Use other franchisees’ accomplishments as a motivator to achieve your own;
  • Set short-term goals to get the adrenaline going again;
  • Be open to new ideas and opportunities; and
  • Motivate yourself by keeping your staff motivated.

For more expert advice, get in touch with the experts here.

The bottom line:

You won’t grow your business if your hunger is gone. If you identify with some of the reasons above, revive your passion now that you have the know-how.

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