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KAUAI’s new Canal Walk store boasts the group’s second fully-green new-look store. “We are very proud to introduce our new eco-friendly stores to the market, bringing us closer to staying true to the heritage of the Islands” says John Berry, founder and Chief of Innovations at KAUAI. “We brought in the Pattichides & Partners design team to help refine the new store image and are very pleased with the results.”

The main contributors to this sustainable store design include solid Consol timber “off cuts” for all of the counters, with all of the counter tops being made of 75% recycled materials. With lead free eco-friendly paints being used on all surfaces.  Simplified screed floors were used rather than wasting costly tiles that get chipped up in a few years’ time. KAUAI’s new Greenline cappuccino machine use 48% less electricity, and all signage & lighting is powered with LED and low voltage lights.

The design team was tasked with developing a modern Hawaiian genre that moved away from the predictable for the stores going forward. “We brought in subtle references to the island and beach themes that have transpired into interesting shapes and finishes. The approach to the finishes was from a more beach bungalow rustic angle with the use of mixed raw timbers with rough textures in their found form,” explains John. “We also used several graphic images to enhance the island theme. Even though the experience is a visual one we also wanted to be sensitive to the finishes and their sustainability.”