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Kauai now at Schools in SA – a Healthier Tuckshop!

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Kauai now at Schools in SA – a Healthier Tuckshop!

Kauai now at Schools in SA – a Healthier Tuckshop!

When one thinks of school tuck-shops, thoughts first go to sweeties, packets of chips and chocolate milk….well they do when I think back to my school days….oh and lots of volunteering moms handing out food to shouting children. I was pleasantly surprised to find things had changed….and quite dramatically too. KAUAI, SA’s no.1 quick service health brand, has taken the bold step into schools, and opened 4, very successful, KAUAI@School stores nationally.  The KAUAI@School stores are currently at Reddam House in Tokai and Green Point in the Western Cape, and Waterfall and Bedfordview in Gauteng.

“When we first came up with the KAUAI@School concept, we thought it would be a great initiative for schools to offer healthy foods and drinks for children and teachers at the school,” says Diane St Clair Moor, Chief Marketing Officer for the KAUAI Group. “We have had interest from parents to become franchisees of the KAUAI@School concept, particularly among stay-at-home moms who were looking for a supplementary source of income while still being able to be there for their kids in the afternoon after school.”

A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand-in-glove. Extensive research indicates that the food we eat not only affects our general mood – but that healthy, nutrient-rich food can also play a vital role in helping combat mental states to which adolescents are often prone – like anxiety, insomnia and depression. The school menu features a variety of wraps, sandwiches and snacks taken from the KAUAI menu and adapted for schools. Hot meals and smoothies packed with fruit and other vital nutrients are available daily. Serving sizes have been reduced to cater to the appetites of children and make products affordable to learners.

“It makes absolute sense to offer healthy food to children at our school,” said Sheena Crawford-Kempster, director of Reddam House Cape Town. “Since the launch of Kauai@Reddam, the benefits for the students are clear as daylight. They are calmer, have improved focus and concentration and respond far better in class. And they have really warmed to the concept. The brand is funky and quite simply, they enjoy the food. We’ve also had great support from parents.”

The KAUAI@School franchise is open to all schools nationwide, so if you are passionate about your kids eating healthily at their school, or about starting a business to help the kids of South Africa have a better chance, then contact KAUAI on for more info about becoming a franchisee.


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