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IQS launches EasySlim

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IQS launches EasySlim

IQS launches EasySlim

IQS South Africa is launching another exclusive, unique and cutting edge technology into the SA market.

Easy Slim treatments will assist people to lose weight and learn a new healthy lifestyle to keep weight of forever.

The network director of Quit Smoking South Africa PTY Ltd, Gerhard Mohrmann confirmed that all new IQS RISE equipment imported from October 2013 will be fully capable to perform the life changing Quit Smoking in 1 hour treatment as well as the Easy Slim treatments.

That means 2 businesses in ONE!

The Easy Slim program will reduce the appetite in a natural way, improve metabolism and up to 10% weight loss is experienced over 12 weeks period.  This is a natural, safe and healthy way to lose weight while the customer is emotionally finding it EASY.

Earning capacity is R40,000 to R60,000 per month at almost no extra cost to the acquisition of an IQS franchise.

For more info on Easy Slim, see link below

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