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Inspired Innovation – A+Students Introduces Online Courses

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Inspired Innovation – A+Students Introduces Online Courses

Inspired Innovation – A+Students Introduces Online Courses

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed the world as we know it and none so more as with traditional businesses. Many have adapted and taken on the challenges presented whilst others will sadly fail and never be seen again.

What a time to invest in a franchise that will prevail through the pandemic!

As the leading Abacus and Mental Arithmetic educator in South Africa and with a  branch opening in Australia…

A+Students has been able to take a totally hands-on ‘brick and mortar’ franchised business to an online business in a matter of days. Their philosophy of teaching maths through creativity and innovation was put to the test at the beginning of the lockdown period and in no time we were able to introduce holiday programmes and well as online lessons.

It is often said that innovation is brought about through necessity. Industries have had to adapt very much and true leaders have stood up to be counted.

According to A+Students there is life after Covid-19 and once the lockdown has been lifted, existing clients, as well as new clients, will have the choice of traditional or online courses for their little ones.

The online functions which have been developed include:

  • Classroom-type lessons with groups of up to 7 students
  • Availability of video lessons which students may access as well as
  • ‘One on one’ time with teachers should the students require.

Chairperson and founder of the business, Marlene Mouton, commented that “This is a very exciting time in our history. We have shown that we have the ability to adapt and innovate with speed without losing the beauty and quality of our system and will still produce our internationally recognised award-winning results”

All the company’s offerings will still be available whether traditional or online such as the:

  • Momentum Multiply partner rewards and
  • Randgo programmes.

On the business front, CEO Andy Raouna said that nothing has changed. “We have just added another dimension to the business for the convenience of our customers. With families now sitting at home and having the time to investigate quality education for their children, we are receiving heaps of enquiries for students to join our courses.” Raouna added “People are also very worried about their jobs and we are also receiving a fair amount of franchise enquiries. This is a perfect time to get set up in a well-established franchise business and be in control of your own destiny even in smaller towns and areas.”

Mouton concluded that “Before kids can do Math in their minds, they must play with Math in their hands, and that is what we do – in classes or online. We also wish our entire client base and everyone in South Africa health & safety and together we will get through this.

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