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Initiative to Develop New Franchisors

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Initiative to Develop New Franchisors


Within a few short months from now, South Africa’s franchise scene will have a few new yet highly professional contenders. This came about as a result of close cooperation between Absa and Franchising Plus.

To begin with, Absa Franchising identifying several business clients whose operations showed potential for franchising. The only stumbling block was managements lack of experience in franchising. Seeing an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution towards the long-term development of franchising, Absa Franchising decided to help out by developing a Franchise Development Initiative based on Franchise by Numbers.

Franchise by Numbers was developed by Franchising Plus and is a comprehensive programme designed to give smaller companies the tools they need to create a professional franchise package in-house. To enhance the programme’s success chances, several additional interventions were added. The final package was structured as follows:

1. Prospective franchisor company overview and gaps analysis vis-?á-vis sector best practice. This was undertaken by Franchising Plus consultants.

2. Workshop based on Franchise by Numbers which was conducted over five full days. During this period, delegates had ample opportunity to learn about franchising and develop the processes needed to launch their own franchise effectively.

2.1 The core presenter was training expert Annie Baptiste of Franchising Plus. Guest lectures by several franchise practitioners added realism to the sessions.

2.2 Some of the sessions provided delegates with an opportunity to close the gaps in their operations that had been identified earlier.

3. Ample provision was made for networking opportunities during which delegates could interact not only with each other but also with seasoned franchisors and franchise practitioners.

4. A second-stage gap analysis will be carried out to ascertain the degree of progress delegates had made in closing the gaps that had been identified in step 1.

5. Upon successful completion, delegates will receive certification confirming their status as professional franchisors.

Ordinarily, participation in such a programme would cost about R27 000. Thanks to Absa Franchising’s generous sponsorship, however, selected Absa Franchising clients who participated in this particular programme enjoyed a significant discount. This enabled several promising smaller companies to develop a professional franchise package and enter the exciting world of franchising with confidence.

Taking a medium to long-term view, it also offers prospective franchisees additional opportunities to start their own businesses for themselves but not by themselves! This is a win-win scenario that is clearly in keeping with the needs of our country and the aims of franchising.

Comments received from delegates at the end of the programme were overwhelmingly positive. Over the next few weeks, we’ll bring you some of them as part of a series of case studies.

Although at this stage it appears that the Franchise Development Initiative was a once-off event, readers who may be interested in this programme in future will have an opportunity to do so. The programme is periodically presented by Franchising Plus but as matters stand, the full fee of R27 000 per candidate will be payable. For further information, contact Annie Baptiste via email

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