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i Quit Smoking Gave us Serious Appraisal

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i Quit Smoking Gave us Serious Appraisal

i Quit Smoking Gave us Serious Appraisal

We were delighted to receive such an outstanding appraisal from Gerhard Mohrmann from i Quit Smoking. Wow, is all we can say!

Here is what Gerhard had to say:

“The master franchisee IQS (I Quit Smoking) South Africa started to expand their franchise network in South Africa in January 2012.

During our search for a good method to advertise we tried numerous methods of which most were not only very expensive, but yielded very poor results.

During 2nd quarter of 2012 we stumbled upon the Whichfranchise on line franchise advertising web site and we thought: “Well let’s just try this and see…it looks good”

We are very diligent in tracking our marketing results and if the result isn’t there, we will pull it and look for another way.

We started getting leads right away and although numbers fluctuated, we realized that the quality of business leads were of a higher standard.

At the end of our first agreed 6 month cycle we did not hesitate to buy a bigger package for 12 months as we realized we need to be in the market and we need to show consistency.  We managed to sign 1 franchisee which brought in another one.

During January, February and March 2013 we received numerous business leads and we are extremely excited to have found 10 serious business leads of which 5 already signed contract, paid for and are starting up in April.  Some 3 more are looking very positive to proceed to also sign up.

This will help us to exceed our 3 year roll out goal in the first half of 2013.

Naturally this puts us 2 and a half years ahead of the plan.  Our success attracted some very serious attention from our international franchisor who is now bending backwards to support their South African IQS network.

In the words of our International Franchise manager: “You guys have achieved in one year what takes others up to 5 years!”

To Natalie and her team at Whichfranchise we can only say thank YOU, always a great service, understanding our business requirement and we will sign a 1 year contract on the back of this one.”

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