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How to Overcome your Innermost Fears and Grow your Business

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How to Overcome your Innermost Fears and Grow your Business

How to Overcome your Innermost Fears and Grow your Business

If you’ve ever been afraid of failing, it’s time to get over it. Fear is the no.1 reason people don’t ever start living, don’t start their own business. It can also be the reason your franchise may ultimately fail. Nobody says it’s easy to address those innermost fears lurking in the dark recesses of your mind – but the first step is to realise that the only place they exist is in the dark recesses of your mind. They don’t live out here in the daylight of the physical universe.

This isn’t an article on amateur psychology – it is about how to practically deal with the six top fears many franchisees have:

The fear of inadequacy

Let’s face it: almost everyone has moments of self-doubt at some point in his or her career. Your insecurity about skills, for example, may block you from aggressively pursuing opportunities that come your way. Don’t let your inner critic got the best of you – rather confront the reality or otherwise of that insecurity. If you genuinely lack a skill, acquire it while working and apply what you learn. Your franchisor will also provide training on the practical elements of running the business. Upon practical examination, you may also find the cause of the insecurity is groundless. Top tip: Just do it!

The fear of uncertainty

The difference between people who do big things and those who have the same thought but never did anything about it has nothing to do with the idea that successful people are more capable or fearless. Successful people feel the uncertainty, experience a little or a lot of anxiety about how what they’re about to do could fail. Then, they do it anyway. Spend less time thinking and more time planning.

The fear of failure

Failure has become some sort of taboo. None of us like to admit to it. The way to move past this? Associate enough pain and discomfort with what would happen if you don’t take action and achieve your goals. You overcome your fear of failure by recognising that doing nothing is the biggest failure of all, and when you do this the possibilities become truly limitless.

The fear of rejection

In franchising, you’re inevitably a salesperson to some degree. A fear of rejection can hold you back from getting the sales you need. Rejection is a common fear and overcoming it will likely be the difference between success and failure. Rejection cannot be avoided. You will not close 100% of your business sales any more than 100% of people you meet will like you. It just doesn’t happen. Don’t waste time considering rejection – just move on without thinking about it. Mental toughness will allow you to be fearless.

The fear of change

What bigger change is there than starting your own business? Tackle change by planning for it. Make a plan, then turn your plan into action. If you are considering getting out of the corporate world and becoming your own boss as a franchisee: do some research on franchising. How do your skills meet this need? What new skills or experiences might you need to acquire, and how might you acquire them? Are there training classes you can take or are offered by the franchisor? What independent reading or studying might you do? Write your plan down with details and deadlines.

The fear of ‘something bad’ happening

If you have this fear, you’ve definitely been watching too many Halloween movies, and the first step might be to stop doing that. We live in a world where every tragedy is in the new 24/7. This generates anxiety. If this is happening to you, change your reading habits from tabloids and social media to something uplifting and/or educational. Watching TED talks about entrepreneurs or business topics can also give you a different perspective.


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