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How Digital Marketing Can Help Businesses During COVID-19

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How Digital Marketing Can Help Businesses During COVID-19

How Digital Marketing Can Help Businesses During COVID-19

With the waves that COVID-19 has caused around the globe, and millions of people unable to operate their business the way they normally would, we have all had to adapt accordingly. Many brick and mortar businesses have felt the knock during the lockdown period, and most will continue to do so as the uncertainty looms of when things will return to normal. Companies that have not yet adapted to the unforeseen changes need to act quickly in order to stay afloat.

How Businesses Can Adapt During COVID-19

There is a golden thread that connects people globally and locally, whether they are friends, family, colleagues, or strangers. This thread is the internet, and during COVID-19 (and beyond, in fact), it is a business’ best friend.

Digital marketing has seen a spike since the Coronavirus pandemic situation worsened – this is the next logical step for businesses to take while people are spending more time online than they ever have before.

Even if you have no experience in it whatsoever, digital marketing can be simple to get started on. From putting together a professional website, to optimising the website for Search Engines (SEO), to implementing Google Ads and getting onto social media, there might be certain aspects of digital marketing you can implement on your own with the necessary research. Or you can do it right the first time by getting a digital marketing agency to guide you through the whole process.

Digital Marketing Tools to Build Your Online Presence

As mentioned above, there are plenty of different ways to get your digital marketing off the ground and online. The first one you’ll want to look at is having an (updated) website.

The Importance of a Website

It’s fantastic if you have brilliant services or great products backed by unmatched customer service… but how do people know about all that? Gone are the days of fingers doing the walking through directories to find what they’re looking for. Convenience has become not only key, but a non-negotiable for your business’ success.

So, you need to be where the people are looking, and that’s online – especially now. Having a website ensures that you can be found, and at the same time tell people all about who you are and what you do as a business.

Why Google Ads?

With the help of SEO and great content on your website, your website can appear on the first page of Google’s search results. But, if you offer a product or service that a lot of other companies are offering, you’re going to have a hard time keeping your spot on page one, let alone close to the top of the page.

How many times have you hit page 2 on Google? Your potential customers have the same answer. With Google Ads you can pay Google to show your product or service pages at the top of the Search Engine’s Results. You will also be able to drive highly relevant traffic to your site, while controlling how much you want to spend on ads every month.

Getting Social While Social Distancing

There are over 3.08 billion people with social media accounts, and the figure is set to increase constantly. Social media is an imperative tool for businesses to connect with existing and potential customers, while keeping them informed of updates (like your gorgeous new website). Even if customers aren’t actively seeking out your product or service, you will show up in their feeds from time to time, and that’ll keep you top of mind for when they are searching.

A lot of clients and potential customers will prefer engaging with you over social media before getting in touch via other channels. Again, convenience is imperative, so be there when they need to find you!

Tracking Your Progress

It’s important to know that the growth of your digital marketing efforts will be slow at first, and you’ll need to be patient. Like with opening a new store, you aren’t going to have hoards of people gathered outside ready to buy. But, with time, effort and the right help, you’ll soon notice improvements in the number of leads you receive and the quality thereof. This goes for updating your website too. Sustainable progress takes time.

Tracking your campaigns and marketing efforts is important for understanding what sort of return on investment you’re getting from your efforts. With an efficient lead management system, tracking your progress to better understand your audience and focus your marketing will become a piece of cake.

Of course, if you are a franchisee, all of your marketing efforts, including digital marketing, needs to be in line with the standards and procedures prescribed by the franchisor.  Your franchisor should have a local marketing kit in their operations manual and also a social media policy to guide you. When in doubt, ask your franchisor’s marketing team for their guidance and approval before you launch any digital platforms.

Leadtrekker is a lead management system that streamlines your business’ lead management processes, from beginning to end, by seamlessly integrating into your websites and other social media platforms. It provides tools to drastically improve response time, accurately measure the ROI of marketing campaigns, track and manage every incoming lead, and so much more. Contact Leadtrekker today for more advice and insights into both lead management and digital marketing.



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