Free workshops on Consumer Protection Act

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Free workshop
The Business Opportunities and Franchise Expo, to be held 16-19 September 2010 at the Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg, includes three free introductory talks on the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) by 2iC, in partnership with attorneys Duff & Associates, to help understand how businesses can adhere to the act and the penalties for non-compliance.

“The Act focuses a lot on language that is clear and understandable so as not to mislead the consumer,” says Tracy Lawler, managing director of 2iC. “Being the middle man between the supplier and the consumer, advertisers have a responsibility towards the consumers for which the CPA holds them accountable.

“While advertisers work closely with their clients to develop advertising campaigns, their clients may not be too clued up on the CPA. Advertisers would not want to be liable for their clients’ lack of comprehension of the Act,” she concludes. The company also runs nationwide seminars and workshops on the CPA for businesses of all sizes.