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The Franchising Plus E Test – Frequently Asked Questions

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The Franchising Plus E Test – Frequently Asked Questions

The Franchising Plus E Test – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the E test?

Becoming a franchisee is a serious and life changing decision.  While there is no one-size-fits-all, years of experience and research has shown us that specific job related competencies that are underpinned by specific personality traits may contribute to a person’s success or failure as a franchisee. The E test is a competency based personality questionnaire developed by the UK based company SHL, a company specialising in psychometric assessments.  The E test is a key predictor of potential franchisee success in that it is both a reliable (accurate) and valid (it predicts job performance) psychometric instrument which has been selected based on sound scientific research, with valid South African norm groups or benchmarks.  The results of the questionnaire show an indication of “fit” between an individual’s own unique preferences and the competencies required for being a franchisee.

Why must I complete the E test when applying for a franchise?

Since buying a franchise is an expensive and life changing event, we believe it’s critical for both the potential franchisee and franchisor to employ all possible means to find out whether there is a fit between the individual and the franchise.  It helps the franchisor to conduct a more meaningful and structured selection interview and to identify potential areas that may need customised training for the individual.   It also helps the potential franchisee to gain insight into their competency match compared to the ideal franchisee competency profile.  This enhances career certainty and personal development.

How does it work and how long does it take to complete?

The E test is an online assessment that you can complete at your convenience by using the unique login name and password that will be sent to you.  The assessment consists of a series of statements that the individual has to assess and rate as it pertains to him or herself in a working environment.  It should take no longer than 45 minutes to complete and it’s very important that the questions are answered as truthfully as possible.

What happens to my results?

The franchisor receives a report indicating the degree of fit between the individual’s own preferences and the profile of a franchisee.  This is used as a tool when interviewing the franchisee.

Will I get feedback on my results?

Yes, you receive a formal feedback report and a qualified psychologist will arrange telephonic feedback on your results.

What is the cost of the E test?

The cost is R 2 000 excl VAT and most franchisors require franchisees to pay for this as part of the application process.  Once payment is received the administration of the test will be arranged with you.

Contact Franchising Plus to apply for an E-Test

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  • Gladys Chuene
    6 Aug 2017 at 15:31

    Interested to write the test having questions for clarity.

      7 Aug 2017 at 08:36

      Hi Gladys, you can call 011 454 2235 and speak to Shona and she will be able to give you all the details.

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