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Franchises for Sale in Johannesburg

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Franchises for Sale in Johannesburg

Franchises for Sale in Johannesburg

Gauteng: the Golden Franchise Province

Given that 41% of all franchises are based in Gauteng, it is not surprising to see the widest range of franchises for sale in Johannesburg.  The South African franchise industry contributes almost 10% of GDP and the largest portion of this can be attributed to Gauteng.  You’ll find every industry represented from automotive, leisure and entertainment, fast foods and restaurants to business to business services. The costs of franchises in Johannesburg also vary hugely – from the most affordable home-based business to large scale operations.

Business Potential in Johannesburg

The provincial capital of Gauteng, Johannesburg is South Africa’s and Africa’s most prosperous city. Founded over 120 years ago during the gold rush, till today thousands are still attracted to the money-making allure that this ‘city of gold’ presents. While the smallest of South Africa’s nine provinces, Gauteng has the highest population at 12.3 million with most of these people living in the bustling city of Johannesburg.

There are a number of reasons why Johannesburg is such an alluring hub of franchising opportunity:

  • A large market potential can means that franchisees often enjoy high success rates
  • High profit potential  leading to a shorter journey from purchase to profits
  • Easy access to suppliers and supply networks
  • Large selection of franchises
  • Good access to franchisor head office support structures

Whether in Sandton or Soweto, you will find that Johannesburg consumers have a high level of disposable income and enjoy their franchise brands. When these city-dwellers aren’t working hard, you’ll find them in the mall shopping and eating out. Not known for being laid-back, they’re always looking for new activities to keep themselves and the children occupied.  This, together with the reasons mentioned above makes Johannesburg an ideal city to buy a franchise catering for either large consumer population or vibrant business community.

 Current Franchises in Gauteng

Most new franchises are launched in Johannesburg, giving buyers in this province the opportunity to buy into exciting, new franchise concepts.  Well-established franchise brands are all very much part of the Johannesburg landscape – you’ll find that favourites such as King Pie, DIY Depot and Mica all originate here.

While Johannesburg offers huge opportunities, possibly the best in South Africa, it is also a highly competitive market. Buying a franchise, which comes with the support of a strong brand and established systems, may just be the advantage that you need to make it in this fast-paced and rewarding city.

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