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Tiger’s Milk Franchise for Sale
Restaurant From: R6650000 to: R10400000

All Provinces

Tiger’s Milk is a step further than a brand – it’s a lifestyle.

It’s about badass food and unmistakeable vibe for an unedited crowd. We took retro, grunge and thrift and injected it with some nostalgia by lining the walls with pictures of Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Allie – a tribute to the original rebels that still rev our hearts to the red line. We strive to serve the best burgers and beers in South Africa, and that ain’t gonna change anytime soon.

Tiger's Milk franchise for sale

Finance Details

Tiger’s Milk restaurants range between 400m² – 650m².

  • Set-up cost: R15 000/sqm
  • Initial fee: R400 000
  • Working Capital: R250 000
  • Deposit: R1 000 000
  • Total Investment: R6 650 000 (400sqm site) – R10 400 000 (650sqm site)
  • Royalty fee: 6% of net sales or R50 000 whichever is higher
  • Marketing fee: 2% of net sales

Note: We require franchisees to have at least 50% of the required capital available in unencumbered funds. The balance can be financed through the banks or other creditors.

Tiger's Milk franchise for sale
Tiger's Milk franchise for sale

What do you get for your investment?

Full Turnkey Investment:

  • As part of this growing brand, franchisee’s benefit from full store set-up and extensive training from the outset as well as ongoing support ensuring that the franchisee is completely equipped with a fully operational and successful store.
  • The Tiger’s Milk Team will assist with appropriate location identification. Once appropriate premises have been located and confirmed, our in-house Project Management team completes the full store design and shop set-up and manages and directs all areas of shop fitting for the store.
  • During this shop set-up phase the Tiger’s Milk experienced Operational team assists with recruitment and staff training. Extensive staff training programmes are completed in all areas of store management required to run a successful store before store opening. Business management training is also offered as an essential part of Tiger’s Milk franchise ownership.
  • After store opening the assigned Area Manager continues with monthly store visits giving direction and feedback as well as ongoing support.

The Ideal Franchisee

  • Skills: Multi-Tasking, Employee Management, Customer Service
  • Experience: Minimum 3 years restaurant experience
  • Personality Traits: Passionate, adventurous and outgoing, hard-working, strong leader, extroverted, problem solver, pro-active
  • The ideal franchisee: The ideal franchisee will have a passion for the restaurant and entertainment industry. They will be familiar with the Tiger’s Milk brand and a regular customer in our stores. They will have extensive experience in the restaurant industry having either owned or managed a restaurant previously. They will have the minimum capital required to become a Tiger’s Milk franchisee.

Training and Support

Initial Training and Support

  • We will determine the initial staff compliment for your store and assist with sourcing staff and relevant CVs.
  • We will be present at the initial interviews of all potential employees for all new stores.
  • With the franchisee’s input, we will decide which employees will undergo initial training on our business systems  and procedures during the store set-up phase.
  • We will assist you in procuring the relevant suppliers, services and equipment necessary for the operation of your business, as well as technical and administrative support.

Ongoing Training and Support

  • Training on improvements or developments in our business systems will be provided to you at no additional charge.
  • We will provide you with extra support to overcome operational problems that you may experience.
  • All in-house training (ie Menu training, service training et.) will be conducted by us at no extra charge.
  • An Area Manager will visit your store at least twice a month to provide operational support.
  • You will also be visited by a Mystery Shopper on a regular basis to assist with store checks.
  • We will furnish you with updated and amended Operating Manuals and intellectual property as and when is necessary.

Franchise Details

The first Tiger’s Milk store opened its doors in December 2014 to the Muizenberg community. We took a neglected site in the famous Muizie’s Surfers Corner, added some beer, benzine and burgers, threw in a match, lit the flame and our fire’s been burning ever since.

“Nostalgic”, and “worn-in” were non-negotiables for the space. We also threw up a Shaka and paid homage to the locals favourite past time, making room surfers to hang up their gear while digging into some good “dude food’. These days we’ve got bikers, hipsters, business owners and surfers sitting side-by-side along our floor-to-ceiling windows watching the world go by.

Hit fast forward to 2022 and we now have 16 Tiger’s Milk stores, each with its own feel and way of doing things – just like the unique people who go there.

Killer burgers, pizza and ice-cold beers are our weapons of choice, but we’ve got something for vegetarians and vegans too, because everybody’s gotta’ eat, right?

Imagine kicking back, sipping on an ice-cold Part Wolf or Tiger’s Milk Lager, eating some gourmet goodness and soaking up the vibe with some solid tunes and even better company. That’s the Tiger’s life – good vibes only. The Tiger’s always on the hunt, so be sure to keep an eye out for a new local stalking your hood.


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Finance Details

  • Minimum

    400sqm site

    6 650 000
  • Maximum

    650sqm site

  • Set-up cost

    per sqm

  • Initial fee
  • Working capital
  • Deposit
  • Royalty fee

    of net sales or R50 000 whichever is higher

  • Marketing fee

    of net sales

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