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Sorbet Franchise for Sale
Health and Beauty From: R1500000 to: R2000000

All Provinces

Finance Details

  • Total Investment: R1 400 000 ex VAT
  • Lease Dep: R210 000
  • Working Capital: R80 000
  • Total Cash Needed: R 1 810 000

Franchise Details

In our world we do quirky. We do care-free. We’re all about hot towels, hot wax, Manicures and Manlicures, blowouts and Bro-Outs, Hollywood, brazillian, Swedish and gelish.

We paint and we dip, we deep cleanse and we deep tissue. We do not deep sleep, we leave that for the day spas. We don’t do boring. We’re all about energy and synergy. And paying that feeling of fabulous forward.


MTI (Maximum Total Investment)

  • Minimum
  • Maximum


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