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InspectaCar Franchise for Sale
Automotive From: R3500000

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Finance Details

  • Initial joining fee: R200,000 (excluding VAT) per dealership
  • Dealership conversion costs: Range from R800,000 to R1,050,000 depending
    on the size of the dealership
  • Dealership launch: Up to R50,000
  • Website: From R10,000
  • Promotional material (banners etc): Range from R17,000 to R45,000
  • Vehicle stock Recommendation: At least R3,000,000
  • Training costs: Estimated at R30,000 (excluding any travel and accommodation costs)
  • Marketing contribution: R300 (excluding VAT) per vehicle sold
  • Uniforms and marketing collateral: R9,000 per month
  • Franchise fee: R1,045.75 (excluding VAT) per vehicle sold
  • Website: Up to R6800 per month

Franchise Details

InspectaCar was born from a vision to provide second-hand car buyers with assurance that they are getting a trustworthy deal. Following that inspiring beginning, the InspectaCar story has followed a path of both trials, tribulations and survival.


MTI (Maximum Total Investment)

  • From
    3 500 000


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