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Digit FMS Franchise for Sale
Low Cost From: R450000

All Provinces

Digit FMS is a sophisticated vehicle tracking and fleet management company which specialises in solutions for the commercial vehicle industry. Ideally it’s target market is anyone who owns vehicles that they do not drive themselves (Commercial Sector), that would like to have more control over their fleet, mitigate their risk and ultimately have a more efficient fleet.

Digit’s unique franchise opportunity is a low risk model that offers you access to 3 possible income streams without the monthly overheads of royalties, marketing, management fees or premises required.

Finance Details

  • Set-up cost: From R450k
  • Deposit: 50% of the upfront fee is payable as a deposit on acceptance of the application.
  • Training: Included
  • Working Capital: R60k-100k
  • Royalty fee: No monthly royalties
  • Marketing fee: No monthly marketing fees

What do you get for your investment?

A full turnkey solution consisting of:

  • The right to use and operate under the Digit name and concept
  • Access to Intellectual Property & Information
  • Full owner and staff training and training content
Digit FMS franchise for sale
  • Initial legal costs incurred in conclusion of the Franchise Agreement;
  • Full Digit FMS branding for two vehicles
  • Full Operational Website & Email Domain
  • 1x Laptop (i5 or similar) Fully loaded with a start-up Digit Masterfile
  • 2x Sets of business cards (500 Cards each)
  • 1x Marketing Kit, (2x Flags, 1x Stand up Banner 1x Revolving Banner)
  • Marketing apparel, Pens, Brochures, 2xT-Shirts, 2x Golf Shirts & 2x Pit Shirts
  • Standard Installation Tool Kit (Worth R4,000.00)
  • R30k-R60k start up stock included (Retail value exceeds R90k-180k,)

The Ideal Franchisee

Experience: Experience in the field would be a bonus, but it is not a requirement.

Personality Traits:

  • Go-Getter and self motivated
  • Interest in the automotive industry
  • Must be able to go out and generate work from local clients
  • Hard worker
  • Enjoy talking to people and building relationships

The ideal franchisee: A Digit FMS franchisee is an entrepreneurial-minded person with a fair grasp of current technology and an interest in the automotive / security industry. A Hands-on owner-operator who can fill many roles will keep costs down and maximise profits.

While it is not a requirement for outlets to be owner operated, we have found that owner-operated outlets are much more successful.

Training and Support

Initial Training and Support

Our comprehensive training programme ensures that Franchisees are fully equipped to provide customers with technical support. Heading up the training and Franchise Development Department, HQ’s Team prides themselves on the level of training and support offered to new franchisees.

What to expect: We’ll cover the basics of how to successfully run and manage your very own Digit branch, a detailed overview, sales and technical training.

Ongoing Training and Support

The franchisor offers multi-tiered support that includes regular software updates and ensures that franchisees stay abreast of market trends.

Our comprehensive training programme ensures that franchisees are fully equipped to provide customers with technical support. We have a conference annually, where extensive sales and hardware installation training is provided, this is compulsory to attend.

Furthermore, we have a 24/7 support group for our Franchisees where assistance and guidance is at your fingertips from our entire network of franchisees, head office level and our very own CEO


We currently have 107 branches across South Africa, with lots of room to grow! There is still many opportunities in SA, as well as abroad.

Franchise Details

Founder and CEO of the Digit brand, Rordon Cowley, entered a well-established vehicle tracking market in 2007, armed with the determination to become a leader in vehicle solutions that reduce loss and mitigate risk.

Driven by his belief that there was too little emphasis on vehicle telematics for fleet management, the Digit product was developed with the objective of providing fleet owners with a platform to manage vehicles real time, instead of relying on historical manual information. Since its inception Digicell has expanded their capabilities to include the renowned DFuel system, a comprehensive fuel measuring solution. The company also supplies a range of Mobile DVR systems to allow video recording and live streaming of vehicles, drivers and occupants.

With the current lack of job prospects in South Africa, self-employment or entrepreneurship becomes a solid option, even for those who did not grow up thinking that starting a business was for them. Joining a tried-and-tested model makes building a sustainable enterprise a lot simpler.

The business originally started and operated as a distribution model. Today Digit is proud to be one of THE largest vehicle tracking and fleet management companies. With its unique business model, it is possible for a successful structure to be leveraged to the franchisee’s advantage.

While there are numerous opportunities available countrywide, there are plans to grow the business internationally by establishing master franchisees in key countries such as East and West Africa, as well as in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Be your own Boss and Join the success of the #DigitFamily.



Finance Details

  • Set-Up Cost

    From R450000

  • Deposit

    Payable as a deposit on acceptance of the application

    50% of the upfront fee
  • Training


  • Working Capital
    60000 - 100000
  • Royalty fee

    No monthly royalties

  • Marketing fee

    No monthly marketing fees


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