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Big Al’s Franchise For Sale
Fast Food From: R950 000 to: R1 400 000


Big Al’s is a fast food concept that specialises in Big, delicious Hamburgers, fresh fried Hake and a variety of crispy Chicken products.

Our menu includes fresh hand-made Chips, a gourmet Sub Roll range and a variety of combo meals.

Big portions at affordable prices, in modern branded packaging, with a new store concept that embellishes a family friendly atmosphere.

With state of the art kitchens, a central production centre and 35 years in operation, the Big Al’s brand is a serious contender on the fast food stage.

Finance Details

  • Minimum Total Investment: R950 000
  • Maximum Total Investment: R1 400 000
  • Set-up cost: R1 185 000
  • Deposit: R50 000
  • Training: R56 000
  • Working Capital: R50 000
  • Royalty fee: 4%
  • Marketing fee: 2%

What Do You Get For Your Investment

The complete (TURNKEY) Big Al’s Franchise package encapsulates the following:

  • Full Shop Design and Fitting:
  • A Modern Fresh New Look Concept and Shop Fit
  • Internal and External Signage
  • Fully Equipped and Installed Kitchen
  • Staff Recruitment and Training:
  • Food Preparation and Service
  • Stock Ordering and Control
  • Information Systems and Management Methods
  • Information Technology:
  • Procurement, Installation and Configuration of Point Of Sale (POS) System
  • Back Office System and Printer
  • Starting Stock
  • Staff Uniforms
  • Initial Local Marketing Campaign
  • Comprehensive Operation Manuals
  • Favourable Supplier Network
  • 24/7 Support

The Ideal Franchisee

The Big Al’s Group seeks franchisees that meet the following profile:

Background requirements

  • The franchisee should be credit worthy and have available financial resources (The franchisee must be able to personally fund at least 50% of the initial setup costs.);
  • The franchisee should be financially sound;
  • No formal qualification is required although, in some instances, this may be an advantage.


  • A franchisee with managerial experience and/or having been self employed is ideal;
  • The franchisee should be computer literate;
  • The franchisee should be a “hands on” person who can pro-actively market his business, selling himself and the Big Al’s concept. CRITICAL: The franchisee must be an “owner-operator”.

Personal Attributes

  • The franchisee needs to be an energetic self-starter with a professional approach to business.
  • The franchisee must be people orientated with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • They must have a love for working with people and must be capable of gaining and maintaining rapport with his customer base through being friendly, patient and tolerant, yet firm.
  • They must be able to manage others effectively, have above average motivational skills and create the personalized friendly and fun environment.
  • The franchisee needs to share an alignment with the Big Al’s values.
  • The franchisee should be of respectable appearance and of good physical health.
  • The franchisee must demonstrate entrepreneurial skills; yet also show the ability and willingness to be a team player.
  • The franchisee should be enthusiastic, dynamic and self-motivated. They must be a “go-getter” with a strong will to succeed.
  • The franchisee must consider the business as a long-term investment. They must show commitment and have a loyal and consistent character.
  • By the nature of our business, the franchisee needs to have stamina and strength to commit to the hard work and long hours needed when operating a Big Al’s franchise.

Training and Support

Initial Training and Support

The franchisor shall provide the franchisee and elected store staff, with 6 (six) week’s initial training. Training shap comprise both the theoretical and practical aspects of the business.

The franchisor shall provide the franchisee with ongoing training from time to time, as required, as the business system develops and in order to stay abreast of developments and changes in the industry.

The franchisor shall provide the franchisee with:

  • Full time In Store trainer for the period of 1 month
  • Full time Front of house / Manager specialised training for 1 month

Ongoing Training and Support

  • The franchisor shall provide continued support, advice and assistance to the franchisee.
  • Hand holding procedures – the franchisor shall assist at new outlets


Accordion 1 (Open)
  • Centurion
  • Midrand
  • The Moot

Franchise Details

In 1910 my Great Grandfather opened a tea room on Paul Kruger Square, a number of years later he bought ground on the corner of Michael Brink and 24th avenue Villeria (surrounded by farmland) and built a small general dealership.

My grandfather then on returning from serving in World War 2 opened a take away store in the same building where he along with my Gran sold fish n chips, homemade burgers and basic take away and house hold items.

The original Big Al’s beef pattie was started there and every generation since has tweaked and perfected it along the way; based on the traditional “Boere Frikkedell or meat ball”.

They called the store “Cross and Sons’ as my Dad and his twin brother would soon be part of the team.

In 1972 my Dad broke away and opened “Cross Foods” on the corner of Duncan and South streets in Hatfield, a few stores down from Hatfield Bakery (owned by my Oupa, his father in law).

He sold the traditional fish n chips, rotisserie chickens, cold meats and sausages.

In 1986 Pick n Pay opened their first Hatfield super market, inside the newly built Hatfield Plaza. This was a game changer for the area and had a drastic effect on our store, we had to do something fast or we would not survive.

My Dad then approached my Oupa to get his permission to start selling hamburgers but unfortunately he was told that he could not as it may stop people from buying bread.

Well that did not stop my Dad and soon after that we (My Dad, Mom, Younger brother, sister and I) would meet up at the store after closing time and proceed to make a few hundred big burgers that we then placed into large polystyrene boxes and transported down to the men’s hostels (University of Pretoria) in my Dads old Datsun bakkie (to which he had added a hoender hok as we called it on the back).

The three of us (Dad, Brother and I) would each take a hostel and go up and down the passages screaming “Hammies, Lekker hamies. Net R2.50”

Most of the students were good sports but often we would get thrown with a wet toilet paper roll or flicked with a towl.

We did this every week for the next few years, until in 1989 my Oupa passed away.

My uncle had then taken over and when my Dad approached him about selling burgers, he apparently said with a big grin that everyone knew about Al and his burgers, so there we went.

My Dad repainted the store and got geared up for a brand new menu and way of doing things.

He approached his good friend Ronny Kraut (a sign writer) for advice as what to call the new store, “both you and your Burgers are Big and your name is Al “ and that is how Big Al’s was started in 1989.

My Dad ran the Hatfield store, where he baked his own patties, fish etc working 14 hour days to get the business going.

In 1992 we opened our second store in Sunnyside on the corner of Esslen and Burke street, we had great success and then in 1994 we were approached to open a store in the Student centre in the main campus of the University of Pretoria.

In 2005 we decided to go the franchise route and after years of “schooling” we are now at a place where Big Al’s can truly flourish.

Edward Cross

CEO Big Al’s Franchise


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Franchise Details

  • Minimum Investment
    950 000
  • Maximum Investment
    1 400 000
  • Set-up cost
    1 185 000
  • Deposit
    50 000
  • Training
    56 000
  • Working Capital
    50 000
  • Royalty fee
  • Marketing fee
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