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Anat Franchise For Sale
Fast Food From: R950000 to: R1200000

All Provinces

The ANAT Franchise group is one of South Africa’s leading fast food franchise chains and has developed a sound foundation of business policies and procedures that will give your business the best chance of success

Finance Details

  • Initial fee: Included in total investment
  • Set-up cost: From R1 500 000 excl. VAT, dependent on size of store.
  • Deposit: 60% of total investment
  • Training: No fee
  • Working Capital: R200 000
  • Total Investment: R1 700 000
  • Royalty fee: 5%
  • Marketing fee: 3%

What do you get for the investment?

A full turnkey investment

Franchise Details

Whether you are looking for Shawarma, Shuvarma or Schwarma the best Shwarma can be found at ANAT in South Africa.

The falafel and shwarma have a long and colorful story and tradition within the Middle Eastern history, culture and tradition and this is ever so true when it comes to ANAT Falafel or Shwarma.

So let’s begin with the story, once upon a time, a long time ago, in a distant land lived a man.

This man was Anat’s grandfather and it was early in the 19th century, he was a teenager travelling with his family from Yemen to Israel, the journey was long and tough, so they stopped over in Egypt. Whilst there, he worked in a falafel shop to help support his family and this is where he learnt how to make a very tasty dish from chic-peas and spices called falafel.

After arriving in Israel and later getting married, he needed a way to make money to support his wife and children. He decided to take his knowledge in making falafel and start a business selling the prepared dish to his fellow citizens.

The year was 1945 when Anat’s grandfather first started selling falafel from a trailer in Holon, and this is where the family business began.

During this time Anat’s father who was one of 12 children would help his father to prepare the falafel balls which were sold to customers.

People soon realized that this was no ordinary falafel but the best and tastiest falafel around, the business was a success and people came from far and wide to enjoy this wonderful meal.

As time went on, Anat’s father took over the family business and continued with the tradition and success as his father did before him.

Anat moved to South Africa in 1981 and in the year of 1991 she and her husband Menachem started a small business from a mobile unit in Bruma Flea Market and aptly named it ANAT.

At first things weren’t that great as South Africans were a meat loving country and didn’t take to this falafel thing too well.

So they decided to bring on another Middle Eastern delicacy known as the shwarma, and this being a meat dish was sure to be a hit with the South African consumer.

These towers of layered meat slowly grilling in vertical spit machines were a very enticing site and once cut and mixed with fresh salads in hollow flat bread know as pita, was transformed into a deliciously satisfying meal that was loved by all. This definitely improved sales and in 1994 when the Bruma flea market moved to a permanent location, ANAT acquired its first semi-formal outlet.

The shwarma craze had hit SA and everyone knew where to get the best shwarma in town.

With the success of the Bruma flea markets semi-formal outlet, it was decided to expand and take the wonderful taste of ANAT Falafel and Shwarma to other areas around Gauteng and South Africa, so that people there too may enjoy this delicious food.


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