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Alternative Board Franchise for Sale
Business to Business From: R650000 to: R820000

All Provinces

The Alternative Board™ helps owners and leaders of businesses reach their goals through local advisory boards and business coaching. The Alternative Board (also “TAB”) supports forward-thinking business owners to take their business to the next level by joining and participating as members in peer-advisory boards made up of other local business owners, as well as expert one-on-one coaching and our suite of proprietary business tools.

Finance Details

  • Minimum Total Investment: R650 000
  • Maximum Total Investment: R820 000
  • Makes provision for individual franchisee costs, including setting up a home-office
  • Initial fee: R450 000
  • Set-up cost: R50 000
  • Deposit: Own funding to cover franchise cost
  • Training: R150 000
  • Working Capital: R170 000
  • Total Investment: R820 000
  • Royalty fee: 10-20%
  • Marketing fee: 2%

The Ideal Franchisee

At The Alternative Board ® we refer to our Franchisees as TBO’s, or TAB Business Owners. These TBO’s, as Franchisees, run their franchise unit on the same principles as any business and are therefore a business owner in their own right.

A TAB Business Owner / TBO is an independent, entrepreneurial-minded individual with a burning desire to succeed in their own business. To be a successful Franchisee you will need to have a passion for business, be self-motivated and resilient, determined, and persistent to make your own business a success.

A Franchisee will need to have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Successful Franchisees are hands-on operators that are committed to and enthusiastic about getting involved in the business.

The Master Franchisee believes that their Franchisees should have the following characteristics to enable them to make a success of their franchise:

  • Typically 40-60 years old
  • Business or corporate experience that allows you to comfortably interact with business owners as peers
  • Have exposure to managerial decision-making or leadership positions
  • Have had experience in and control of managing a business income statement
  • Have a good understanding of business, business concepts (especially. financial management and decision-making) and/or some elements of coaching

The above are broad parameters and all Franchisee selection is done on the basis of personal discussion and review, in liaison with TAB International Inc in Denver.

Training and Support

Initial Training and Support

Franchisees will complete home study requirements of approximately 20 hours prior to attending the Initial Training Program.

Initial training consists of the following main topics/segments:

  • Understanding behavioural & motivators assessment
  • The Business Builder’s Blueprint TM, TAB Connect and the TAB Intranet
  • Sales conversations:
  • TAB Boards:
    • Composition & building a good Board of business owners as members
    • Facilitating & running a meeting
  • TAB Integrated Marketing Manual – Marketing activities, marketing campaigns and TAB Brand overview
  • Coaching tools & principles:
  • 90-day On-boarding process of new members

Training is a combination of theory, lectures, assignments, and role-plays to experience actual real-life situations and after completion hereof, the Franchisee will be able to launch and run their business.

Ongoing Training and Support

Should any refresher training be required by the Franchisee during the duration of the agreement, such training will be provided by TAB at no additional charge; this principle aims to ensure that there are no impediments to ensure TBOs are always fully trained and up to date with the latest practices in TAB. This excludes advanced training.

All Franchisees are required to attend 3-day StratPro training within 12 months of commencing their franchise business, either in Denver USA, the UK or virtually.  StratPro is TABs proprietary tools and approach which allows the TBO to assist clients in strategic planning and growth plans – beyond the normal board & coaching meetings – which significantly improves the business.  StratPro has proven internationally that significant additional revenue can be generated by the TBO from their business unit.


  • Gauteng: Johannesburg & Pretoria
  • Eastern Cape: Port Elizabeth & East London
  • Western Cape: Cape Peninsula
  • Mpumalanga:Nelspruit
  • Limpopo: Polokwane
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal: Durban, Pietermaritzburg & KZN North Coast
  • Northern Cape: Kimberly
  • Free State: Bloemfontein
  • North West Province: Rustenburg & Klerksdorp

Franchise Details

At TAB, we believe:

  • That collective wisdom brings a strategic advantage
  • That accountability hastens individual and business success
  • That drive and creativity engender greater possibilities, and
  • That clarity of advice eliminates the fear of change

The Alternative Board is a global organisation which has been in operation since 1990. TAB’s founder, Allen Fishman, realised that his non-executive directors had been invaluable to him over the course of his career and wanted to make that kind of experience accessible to all business owners.

He recognised the value that peer advice and coaching from experienced business owners could bring to individuals who were serious about achieving greater personal and business success.  He also knew from his own experience that when his personal and business lives were balanced it made him happier and more successful in his role as an entrepreneur.

TAB operates in 21 countries around the world and continues to expand; we have helped over 25,000 business owners to improve their businesses and their lives.  TAB was established in South Africa at the end of 2018.

The TAB WayTM is our overall philosophy and the way that we do business.  It encompasses four distinct areas:

Value, Culture, Brand, Experience

At TAB we support and celebrate our community members’ personal and business vision, journey, and achievement through measured accountability, collective wisdom, lifelong learning, innovation, and leveraging global best practices and tools.  We are a giving and receiving community, where we treat each other as we would like to be treated and pursue trusted advisor relationships.

The TAB system allows significant flexibility that enables the Franchisee to reflect their particular style and capabilities in their Board facilitation and individual business-owner coaching.  The TAB WayTM Standards set the level of consistency that ensures the community is better served wherever in the world we go:

The combination of peer-advisory board and personal coaching has made The Alternative Board the #1 business coaching and consulting franchise as ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine in the USA.

How do we differ from a traditional business coach or consultant?

They may concentrate on improving sales, sorting out HR or helping entrepreneurs with finances but that’s often a silo approach and where it ends. At TAB, we look at these too of course, but we start with the business owner as a person.

Benefits of being a franchisee include:

  • Having your own successful business under the umbrella of a reputable brand that has proven successful over 30 years across multiple countries, ranked globally #1 in its category
  • Support and advice from the Master Franchisee
  • Monthly support to your business to ensure you’re successful
  • Predictable and stable income streams
  • Control over your schedule and your work-life balance
  • Good return on investment


Finance Details

  • Initial Fee
    450 000
  • Set-Up Cost
    50 000
  • Deposit

    Own funding to cover franchise cost

  • Training
    150 000
  • Working Capital
    170 000
  • Total Investment
    82 000
  • Royalty Fee
  • Marketing Fee


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