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Franchise our Nation

Franchise our Nation

Times are certainly interesting. The Chinese proverb “May you live in interesting times” touches on the turmoil that South Africans are currently living through.

Tensions have reached boiling point at our universities with protests and violent action taking place.

These are real and dangerous challenges which require decisive leadership. It’s clear that while the #feesmustfall movement continues to make traction, that #SouthAfricamustrise and this will only be achieved through access to education.

The statistics are grim.

South Africa’s youth unemployment rate is exceptionally high by global standards. Some researchers believe that it could be as high as 63%.

South Africa FlagAccording to Stats SA;

  • As many as 55% of young people, who are actively looking for jobs, have education levels below matric
  • An additional 36.4% only have a matric qualification.

The high rate of youth unemployment and lack of opportunities for low-skill entrants fuels social pressures in South Africa. For many employers, a degree is now seen as an entry level requirement in the workplace.

Education is viewed as the key to a successful future and the current outrage demonstrates that it’s seen as being “worth fighting for”.

Follow your education passion

Education PassionWhile the headlines and Twitter feeds are alarming, don’t let the situation get you down.

Believe in yourself, believe in the country’s potential and be inspired by those who’ve made a success out their business or franchise.

There are many ways to contribute to South Africa’s education challenges. Perhaps your future lies in becoming a pioneer in the vibrant education sector?

There are a number of incredible franchises available in the education sector.

Many of these do have high initial set-up costs however they promise healthy financial returns. All while making a difference to young people.

Even in tough economic times, parents will always make space in the monthly budget to give their child’s education a boost. Here are 5 examples of great education franchises to feed your love for education and business success:

Creative MindsCreative Minds is a franchise for people who have difficulty understanding and coping with technology. This skills training centre uses a unique creative method to help people – whether 12 year olds or senior citizens master technology.


Innovatus FET College
is a franchise college established to fill a market niche in the further training arena. Acknowledging that university is not a suitable fit for every young person, the college equips students with practical skills suited to the workplace.


kipmcgrathKip McGrath Education Centres is a children’s education brand that provides specialised tutoring in reading, phonics, comprehension, spelling, English and Maths for school-going children.


KumonKumon is a franchise that focuses on Maths and English support for children. Kumon is the largest independent education provider in the world with over 4 million students currently enrolled worldwide.
sherpaKidsSherpa Kids are known as being the ‘out of school hours’ experts. The business focus is on the valuable hours before school, after school and at holiday care. The business is based on-site a primary schools and provides engaging, fun and educational experiences for young children.

Getting young South Africans learning and working

Improving the education system needs support from the private sector and committed citizens.

Every area of education, from early childhood development to tertiary level needs to be uplifted. Fortunately, it’s a cause that many businesses, NGOs and individuals are rallying behind.

This can be seen by the commitment from big business to partially fund tertiary education as well as a number of incredible initiatives to improve education and eradicate youth unemployment in South Africa.

Here are 4 initiatives and projects on our radar:

  1. The “Mixed Talents” campaign forms part of Samsung’s global “Launching People” initiative, which will see people from different backgrounds and areas being paired together to combine their knowledge and use technology to devise creative solutions.Last year Samsung South Africa ventured into the social enterprise space with the launch of the campaign that aims to find innovative ways to address youth unemployment.
  2. Harambee is a youth employment accelerator that has found first jobs for more than 20 000 people. The organisation connects employers looking for entry-level talent by reaching candidates where existing corporate recruitment networks do not reach.

They provide the often necessary training bridge to help young people integrate into the workplace.

  1. WeThinkCode is a new kind of tech incubator dedicated to eliminating the IT skills gaps. Young people who met their attitude test are invited to train to become computer programmers.

There is no tuition as corporates sponsor the training and young people who find work as a programmer pay a small placement fee.

  1. This is the vision of the SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation that works to promote an entrepreneurial spirit amongst high school learners across South Africa through interactive seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions.

Why look for a job when you can create your own and employ others?

Get in touch!

Looking to reboot your career? Switch from being an employee to a franchisee in the education sector. We’d like to hear from you. Find franchise opportunities here or ask the whichfranchise experts questions here.

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