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Franchise Opportunities so Successful that they’re Cooking!

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Franchise Opportunities so Successful that they’re Cooking!

Fast Food Franchises for Sale

When most people think of franchising, their first thought is of a fast food or restaurant franchise. Although franchising is active in 17 business categories in South Africa (compared with more than 70 in the US), food franchises are still the single largest category at 22% of all local franchises. Food franchises remain a popular choice thanks to the wide selection of concepts available, high earning potential and support from experienced franchisors who understand the food business.

Fast Food Franchise Earning Potential

Food franchises offer an attractive earning potential for aspirant operators. Consumers tend to prefer the consistency offered by food franchises, which is a huge advantage for a new business. As a franchisee you won’t have to worry about branding, menu choices or décor. The franchisor will also support you with many of the more challenging aspects of starting a restaurant. This includes site selection, shop fitting, system requirements and training.

Despite these advantages the fast food market is also very competitive; this makes the choice of food franchise and your strengths as a potential franchisee important. If you’re choosing a food franchise to own, you want a top performer. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a restaurant franchise:

  • The brand should either be well-liked and established or a new brand with great potential
  • The product offering should have ‘staying power’ in the marketplace and not be a fad
  • The track record and financials of other franchises within the network
  • A good location with high foot traffic and visibility will be key to your restaurant’s success
  • Level of complication as some outlets are significantly easier to operate than others
  • Start-up costs tend to be high and vary from a few hundred thousand  into the millions
  • The basics ingredients remain important – a successful restaurant usually sells unique and authentic food made fromquality ingredients, offers great service and an overall good eating experience

There are some wonderful advantages to having a food franchise, but not everyone is suited to being a restaurant operator. Give some serious thought to the franchisee role in terms of the tasks required in a typical day or week, the hours required, the investment and the possible returns. Consider taking a few weeks to work in an existing outlet. The time commitment involved may seem high, but it is better for you to find out early (and without risking your life savings) if this business is not for you.

Current Fast Food Franchises

From burgers to seafood, there are many exciting, different franchise opportunities to consider. There are new operations and resales from well-established brands such as King Pie, Maxi’sSubway as well as newer entrants with high potential including Yamitsuki and The Fish & Chip Co.

See some of our exciting Fast Food Franchises for Sale

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