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Fournews Acquires 50% in Italian Restaurant, Hello Tomato

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Fournews Acquires 50% in Italian Restaurant, Hello Tomato

Fournews Acquires 50% in Italian Restaurant, Hello Tomato

The South African South African holding franchise group, Fournews has acquired a 50% share in the Italian pizza and pasta restaurant, Hello Tomato.

Yet another pizza, pasta joint which we are sure everyone is keen to try out if you haven’t already. John & Gerry’s Brands were behind the growth of Europa and Fego Cafe and is now behind the expansion of Hello Tomato.

Hello Tomato was launched in August 2015 and was conceived in Italy, inspired by New York and born in Joburg. Their aim is to be affordable and humble.

“We follow a policy of fresh ingredients; made to order, by hand,” says John Khoury, MD of Hello Tomato. “Our mantra is to make authentic pizza and pasta, following age old Italian methods. With an authentically Italian base product, we then add a modern and uniquely South African appeal in the form of toppings and creative combinations.”

The menu is continually updated, with the bottom four sellers in each section being replaced with new items. There are currenlty branches in Riverside Shopping Centre, Mall of Africa and Kyalami Corner Shopping Centre.

About Fournews

Established in South Africa in 1995, Fournews has developed a portfolio of successful brands over the past 21 years, including

  • News Cafe,
  • Moyo,
  • Brooklyn Brothers and
  • Krispy Kreme.

The Hello Tomato acquisition was driven by the company’s love for the John & Gerry’s Brands founders’ passion, expertise and years of experience in the food and beverage industry.

“We are able to leverage and benefit from the support and infrastructure Fournews has to offer us, allowing us to concentrate on the core ethos of the brand being the food, experience and creative process,” concludes Khoury.
Source: Bizcommunity

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