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Four Productivity Tips Franchises Can’t Live Without

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Four Productivity Tips Franchises Can’t Live Without

Four Productivity Tips Franchises Can’t Live Without

Tell a hard-working franchisee who toils 12 hours a day to work smarter, not harder, and you might get a fist in the eye. There are, nevertheless, a number of things that franchisees can do to boost business performance.

Here is our selection of essential mind shifts to make in order to boost productivity levels in a franchise:

Tip #1: Stick with the system

Tried and tested systemChances are one of the reasons you bought a franchise is because you wanted to work within a tried-and-tested business system. So why “fix it if it’s not broken?”

Out of excitement or haste, many franchisees deviate from the system and ignore set operating procedures completely. Don’t fall into the same trap.

The reason your franchisor is successful is because he’s built the business and has crafted a system that works. He’s followed the system for years, and he wants you to follow it as well. After all, when you’re productive as a franchisee and achieve success, it’s a win-win for everyone.

If you have strong ideas that you think will benefit the business, rather talk to the franchisor instead of doing your own thing. Franchisors are open to ideas and want to hear from you; just make sure you use the proper channels to communicate.  If the franchise has a Franchise Representative Council, you can raise the issue in that forum, or speak to your field service consultant.

Tip #2: Embrace ongoing training

Ongoing franchise trainingThe absolute best way to increase productivity is to take the time to provide very clear expectations up front to your employees. You should never assume your employees know what you expect from them. You must give them their job descriptions and discuss everything about the job, where they fit in the company and their potential for growth. They will be much happier, their productivity will increase and they will serve your customers better.

In addition to ensuring employees know what their job is, train your employee so that you’ll be able to:

  • Address any weaknesses they may have;
  • Make sure they’re better equipped to perform their job; and
  • Improve job satisfaction (Remember, happy employees are loyal, productive employees)

Don’t make the mistake of seeing employee training as a burden like most employers, rather see it as an opportunity to increase productivity in your business. Remember that all employees can benefit from refresher training.

Tip #3: Be hands on in the business

Hand OnOne of the misperceptions that franchisees hold is that franchising alleviates personal commitment. This kind of thinking often leads to business failure. If you think being a franchisee means you get to put someone else in charge so you can relax and have more free time, you’re in the wrong business. It’s crucial that you’re an owner operator. This way, you’re more involved in the business, and you get to see what happens on a daily basis. This kind of approach promotes growth. When you lead by example, your employees will also be inspired to be more productive and give more of themselves.

Tip #4: Market your business

Market your businessJust because you contribute a certain percentage to a national marketing fund doesn’t mean you don’t have to market your business. If you want a busy, productive business, you need to do local marketing. You have to spread the word in your community about the business so it can grow. You can use social media, local radio stations, newspapers, etc.

Remember, one of your roles as a franchisee is to uphold the brand values of the franchisor. Therefore, you must bear in mind that your marketing must be in line with the franchisor’s recommendations and follow the corporate identity specifications exactly. Most franchises will provide templates and ideas for local marketing in the form of a local marketing kit, which will be included in the operations manual.

Boost those productivity levels

For more productivity tips as well as franchising opportunities, log on to or send your queries to our many franchising experts.

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