FNB Franchise & Leadership Summit: Will I be a suitable franchisee? The ideal franchisee profile

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Ingra Narsai

Presented by Ingra Du Buisson-Narsai, MD: Get Meaning

Ingra is a registered industrial psychologist. In addition to a MCom in Industrial Psychology, she holds an Honours degree in Strategic Management. She is also a trained Executive Coach and Demartini Method Facilitator. She has held various positions in corporate South Africa before setting up her own company, get Meaning.

The importance of franchisee selection

Ingra commenced her presentation with an appeal to franchisors to realise that their franchisees are their major assets. Unless franchisors recruit individuals as franchisees who are not only financially qualified but, more importantly, have the ability, energy and enthusiasm to make the most of the opportunity, their networks will not reach their full potential.

To be or not to be…

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