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Fish & Chip Co.’s Marketing Manager’s Role with and Advice to Franchisees

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Fish & Chip Co.’s Marketing Manager’s Role with and Advice to Franchisees

Fish & Chip Co.’s Marketing Manager’s Role with and Advice to Franchisees

Name: Pertunia Tsotetsi

Title: Marketing Manager

Franchise: Fish & Chip Co.

Fish & Chip Co.1. How involved are you with the franchisees in the group?

Within the group, the franchisees deal more directly with their relationship managers that have been allocated to them according to their region. These individuals are the link between head office and the franchisee and most communication between the two is filtered through to me. As I need to act with the head office team in the interest of the entire group, it is not always best practice to be too involved with only certain franchisees.

2. If a franchisee were to attempt marketing for their store – with their own budget etc. what is the best advice that you would give them?

Work smarter not harder. Remember that the franchisor makes use of certain channels that target specific people for a reason. I think it is a good idea to use their direction as a determining factor in your own plans. The most important role player in any form of marketing is the customer. The more you know and understand the customer, the better you will know how to communicate with them.

3. What do you think is the best form of marketing for The Fish & Chip Co. franchisees – bearing the target audience in mind?

Direct marketing works great with our customers. When the brand is presented in a tangible way they respond favourably.

4. Should franchisees be doing marketing in their personal capacity, would they need to submit marketing material to head office for approval before proceeding?

Franchisees are business owners in their own right and it is important for them to still market their stores in their respective areas. While the franchisor works to benefit the entire group as best possible, each business unit needs to ensure they are putting in maximum effort to ensure their own success. All materials need to meet the standards of the brand though, as the holistic reputation needs to be kept in mind at all times.

5. Do you think franchisees should have more or less say in marketing the brand?

I think it is useful that franchisees actively contribute to these discussions. They are the ones who are in the stores dealing with the customers directly after all. their insights will always add value. I do think however that it is also important to note that not all requests can always be actioned. The franchisor needs to conduct business as democratically and fairly as possible for all franchisees. If an activity cannot be justified for all, no is the best strategic answer that can be given.

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