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The Fish & Chip Co. Now Serves Breakfast

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The Fish & Chip Co. Now Serves Breakfast

The Fish & Chip Co. Now Serves Breakfast

Nothing gets a day started better than a hearty breakfast. Often referred to as the most important meal of the day. Without it, the body is essentially running on empty, which is never a good start to any day.

After conducting thorough research among its consumers and competitors and bearing the benefits of a good breakfast in mind, The Fish & Chip Co. recently made the strategic move to include fresh and affordable breakfasts to the menu that will fuel the engines of customers, without making their wallets run on reserve for the rest of the month.

“We felt so strongly about the importance of breakfast and how it will add value to our customers that we knew the new meal category was a must,” shares National Operations Manager, Werner Hedder.

“Aside from the breakfast meals adding diversity and variety to our menu, we know it adds value to the customer who appreciates a breakfast time meal that is both filling and affordable – especially when most simply do not have the time to eat before heading out the house.”

Breakfast does not only add fuel for increased energy to make it through the day, but also assists in firing up the brain and increasing cognitive functions. The nutrients in the food assist in restoring glucose levels, which are essential carbohydrates needed for the brain to function properly, with studies indicating that by eating breakfast, memory and concentration levels are improved and general feelings of happiness can even be enhanced.

This all important meal can also be good for the waistline, as those who eat more often generally have a more active metabolism, and are less likely to reach for high sugar and fatty snacks mid-morning, making breakfast an all-round winner.

“We hope that the new additions to the menu will not only offer our customers more variety but also urge them understand the importance of fuelling their bodies more consistently,” Hedder concludes.

The new breakfast menu includes four scrumptious meals. Our breakfast rolls, which includes a basic egg roll and a polony, egg, cheese and chip roll as well as our kotas, which include either a piece of polony or a vienna on a quarter loaf of bread with chips and an egg – seasoned with flavoursome chakalaka. At under R20, breakfast doesn’t get any better.

Head on over to The Fish & Chip Co. and let us know what you think of the new breakfast menu.

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