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Fish & Chip Co. Adhere to Strict Health and Safety Measures in Food Franchising

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Fish & Chip Co. Adhere to Strict Health and Safety Measures in Food Franchising

Fish & Chip Co. Adhere to Strict Health and Safety Measures in Food Franchising

The topic of health and safety in any business should never be underestimated. If the said business is one where food is served to customers, it becomes crucial as none can deny that strict measures need to be in place to ensure maximum protection and cover of not only the staff who serve but also the customers themselves. Marcel Strauss, Managing Executive of The Fish & Chip Co., voted the top fish brand in 2012, shares an insider look into the importance of health and safety in the franchising workplace and how both franchisee and employee needs to play an active role.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993, an employer is required to create and attain a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of their employees. This is done by ensuring that the workplace is free of hazardous substances, equipment, processes, etc., which may inflict injury or cause damage. Should the prevention of the above not be possible, the franchisee has the responsibility of informing their employees of these dangers as well as sharing measures of how they may be prevented in order to work safely. This is a matter of great importance as customers’ health could be directly influenced by the health of those that serve them.

To ensure that the workplace is kept safe and to secure to the health of employees, the franchisee needs to ensure the following:

  • Any potential hazards that might be present whilst something is being produced, processed, used, stored or transported needs to be identified and reported so that action can be taken swiftly.
  • Precautionary measures must be identified and communicated to all employees by supplying the needed details and instructions while keeping the extent of workers’ competence in mind. Only by communicating clearly to them in a way that they will comprehend best, will the staff truly understand the importance of safety.
  • Enforce the necessary control measures in the interest of health and safety by placing the employees under the general supervision of a trained worker.
  • Provide proper training on an ongoing basis to ensure that employees are always well equipped to make informed decisions.
  • Appointing and equipping qualified first aid personnel who have the responsibility of administering first aid when need be.

It is, of course, not only the franchisee who should take responsibility for health and safety in their stores. The Occupational Health and Safety Act is based on the principle that both the employer and employees must share the responsibility by pro-actively identifying dangers and developing control measures to make the workplace safe.

The Fish & Chip Co. adheres to the strict standards set forth in the Act, and ensures all franchises in the group do the same by conducting regular inspections and providing ongoing training workshops to keep staff informed. By reinforcing guidelines and procedures, staff are required to comply and always ensure food is handled, stored and prepared in a safe and hygienic manner. Furthermore, they are tasked to carry out any and all lawful instructions which the franchisee or authorised person prescribes with regards to health and safety.

Cooperation between the franchisee and their employees in this regard cannot be stressed enough, as any actions which they take may be deemed unsafe and will influence their own health and safety, and potentially that of the customer.

Companies that serve food to the public are placed in a position that carries great responsibility towards those they serve. As such, commitment to high standards of health and safety within the store are imperative. The consumers essentially place their trust in these brands and want to be assured of a quality product at all times.

From a strategic and operational point of view, those in the food retail space cannot take the risk of not following the correct guidelines when it comes to health and safety.


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