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FASA Business Convention

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FASA Business Convention

FASA Business Convention

If you are serious about business and entrepreneurial enough to want to get through the difficult times and come out stronger and smarter, then you cannot miss the FASA Business Convention taking place on the 18th May 2012.

The convention, with its high profile speakers, will analyse the current economic and political scene, highlight the barriers to small business growth but more importantly equip you with the tools to a speedy recovery and future success.

Agenda Topic Time Duration

Speaker Topic Time and Duration
Clem Sunter Breaking Future 2012 08h15 – 8h55 (40 minutes)
Allon Raiz Too scared to fail: barriers to small business growth 08h55-09h35 (40 minutes)
TEA BREAK 09h35-09h50 (15 minutes)
Ingra du Buisson-Narsai The 60 minute Neuroleadership Series 09h50-10h50 (60 minutes)
Romany Thresher Social Media 10h50-11h30 (40 minutes)
Panel of Attorneys Assessing a Document: Why use a Franchise Attorney 11h10-11h50 (40 minutes)
Jusitice Malala The Political Economy and Unconventional Africa 12h10-12h50 (40 minutes)
LUNCH 12h50-13h20 (30 minutes)
Rob Sadler Retail Specialist 13h20-16h20 (3 hours)


Programme and times subject to change

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