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Far Out Franchising

Far Out Franchising

The world of franchising is a lot more diverse than you’d think.  We take a look at five of the world’s most unusual franchises. The US is home to many of these concepts which is testament to a massive market and a long love affair with franchising. From the unpalatable to the downright ridiculous – there is a franchise for every unexpected customer need.

Top five unusual franchises  

  1. CrealityCereality

This is the ideal franchise for those who take breakfast seriously and like going to work in pajamas. Hailing from the US, Cereality is a franchise concept built around breakfast cereal – everything on the menu is built from well-known cereals brands, yoghurts, fruits and toppings. Ordering at Cereality is easy; pick two cereals and a topping. The company started franchising in 2006 and since then it has sold one outlet but remains ‘optimistic’ regarding outlets in special venues such as colleges, hospitals and airports.

  1. Wild Birds UnlimitesWild Birds Unlimited

Who knew that the US bird-feeding and watching is a $4.7 billion industry? With any business training or experience botanist opened the first Wild Birds Unlimited store in 1981. Following a franchise enquiry, he decided to franchise and subsequently saw his business expand to over 290 outlets across North America. Today, the company estimates that US bird-feeding and watching is a $4.7 billion industry.

  1. Nitpro LogoNitpro

Nitpro is one Australia’s fastest growing new franchises and a revenue booster for hair salons looking to diversify their offering. The head lice treatment service aims to lighten the misery of childhood lice infestations with TVs at every station, play areas and lollipops to reward endurance. The concept is so appealing that it’s not unusual for children to exhibit sudden ‘phantom lice’ symptoms.

  1. DoodyCalls

DoodycallsDoodyCalls is a franchise that takes care of the messier side of having a pet. Their friendly, professional pet waste technicians offer a pooper scooper service for the yard, cat litter box cleaning and patio deodorising. Founded in 2000,DoodyCalls has grown to over 57 territories in 23 states, has been the subject of a number of new stories and as has been recognised as leading pet waste removal franchise in the States in Entrepreneur Magazine’s annual Franchise 500 list. Not bad for the company that proclaims itself to be No. 1 in the No. 2 business.

  1. Sing Your Name

Sing your NameSinging alarm clocks, personalised poems and sing-a-long CDs – each with your child’s name include in the lyrics. Sing Your Name is a franchise that distributes a collection of personalised children’s products. The company estimates that the personalised gifts are a $3 billion global market. Amongst the franchise benefits offered are ‘gaining an encyclopedic knowledge of children’s names’.

Is everything franchiseable?

Just because you can franchise just about anything, doesn’t mean you should. Franchising is a great way of expanding a business, provided that the business is successful to begin with. However, franchising should not be used a testing ground for new business ideas. All successful franchises have a solid business concept and brand with strong support offered.  Here are some of the key ingredients that must be present in any potential franchise business:

  • A proven and credible concept
  • Potential to establish a memorable brand
  • Profitability and access to capital
  • Uniqueness and high barrier to entry
  • Sustainable and growing market demand
  • Intellectual property and systems
  • Skills are easily transferable
  • Support infrastructure in place
  • Products or services command a price premium
  • An open, learning orientated and participative culture.

Read more about these important ingredients here.

Ask the experts

These franchise success factors must be present in any franchise that you’re considering. Fortunately, the franchises featured on whichfranchise offer these solid franchising fundamentals. Know someone with a successful business that could be franchised? Refer them to our franchising experts who would be able to provide the professional assistance necessary.

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