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My Dreams and Aspirations have Finally Been Realised

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My Dreams and Aspirations have Finally Been Realised

My Dreams and Aspirations have Finally Been Realised

KumonName: Vatsela Pillay

Location: Seatides, KZN

Franchise: Kumon

As an educator Vatsela was drawn to the Kumon Programme and the amazing results it produces.  She has been an assistant at our Ballito Kumon for nearly two years and loves every minute of it.  The opportunity to apply for a centre in the Seatides area became available and Vatsela grabbed it with both hands.  She opened her centre in Seatides KZN in November, and has this to say about her application to Kumon:

I am thrilled to have become a fully-fledged member of the Kumon Family.  My dreams and aspirations have finally been realised.  Toru Kumon’s philosophy is a philosophy after my own heart.  As an educator, it was frustrating to see learners being moved on to new concepts without fully grasping the previous concepts.   The classroom, in most instances,   has become a “battlefield” between the learners and the educators with learners becoming more and more demotivated and educators becoming increasingly frustrated.   The challenges of the school curriculum do not give the learners an opportunity to master the concepts due to large numbers and time frames.

The Kumon Maths and English Programme allows each learner to work at his or her  own pace and gradually taps into their own abilities enhancing their self-development which does wonders for their self-confidence.   I realised that this is what is needed in order to bring back a culture of teaching and learning in the classroom.  This complementary education programme, I believe, is vital for restoring order in the classroom and in developing and nurturing young minds to become outstanding citizens of the future.

My experience as an assistant has entrenched the Kumon philosophy in me to such an extent that I was propelled  to open a centre in Seatides, my place of residence,  and make the programme easily accessible to the children in my  community who would benefit immensely from  Kumon Education.

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