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Do Not Miss the Boat! It’s a Wonder Product for Dampness

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Do Not Miss the Boat! It’s a Wonder Product for Dampness

Do Not Miss the Boat! It’s a Wonder Product for Dampness

If ever you wanted to be in a versatile and exciting business where everyday holds a new challenge, this is the opportunity for you. Dampforce was started by Peter Corlett out of his frustration with the old damp and waterproofing systems. He needed a product that could be a single application instead of the current layered systems available. Peter and Shaun Quinn traveled to Istanbul in May 2008 to see, first hand, the applications that had stood the test of time. The product is unique in South Africa.

This product has indeed been called a wonder product because of its versatility in solving only the damp and waterproofing problems that arise, but its qualities also include thermal enhancement, fire retardant and limited sound proofing.

The green trend has hit the world a couple of years ago and many corporations are realizing that they have to do something to contribute to being more environmentally aware and friendly. Dampforce can contribute especially in the building industry where constructions are being built more green. Old damp and waterproofing systems will be coming under scrutiny on future and refurbishment projects. Imagine a building that breathes and does not require the huge air-conditioning warm air purging cycles. Imagine never having to damp proof every 5 years. Their solution is a permanent damp and waterproofing solution.

They have a variety of applications available:

  • Flat roof waterproofing and thermal enhancement – the old system of waterproofing does not allow a roof to breathe. Dampforce’s product not only waterproofs the roof, but allows warm air trapped in the building to breathe out through the roof. Saving on electricity costs as well as air-conditioning compressors.
  • Exterior wall damp proofing – plaster is very thirsty, architects call for the plaster to go down to ground level, the result is water will wicker up in the plaster. This results in efflorescence on the wall.
  • Interior wall damp proofing – what do you do when the DPC (damp proof course) has been ruptured and you now have efflorescence in your living room or worse, bedroom?
  • Subterranean wall damp & waterproofing – there are not too many products out there that can be applied to a wet wall. Dampforce’s product loves a wet wall. Basements and parkades are prime candidates for their product.
  • Lift shaft wells – you want to know that the lift equipment is not under water when you get into the lift. Normally lift shaft wells have a sump pump to rid the well of water, and if that’s not working… Their product renders sump pumps obsolete. Once a lift shaft well has been cured with our product, no water can ingress.
  • Exterior wall damp proofing prior to the back-fill being established – a large number of new developments are said to be going green yet the contractors still use the bitumen based and torch-on products to protect the walls that will be under soil on completion. Green is more than changing light bulbs. Their product is ideally suited for this type of application, and won’t need to be re-done in 5 years time, when you can’t get to the wall.
  • Thermal Plaster is the way of the future – can you imagine a house that breathes for a change? Their product closes in the cold weather and opens in the summer months, thus allowing heat to be kept inside in winter (keeping the house warm) and breathed out in summer (keeping the house cool). A building in Istanbul saved 40% on its heating gas in one year after the application of our product.
  • Shower waterproofing – ever notice the efflorescence showing on the wall behind the shower in hotels and B&B’s. The shower waterproofing has failed. Ideally, showers and bathroom floors should be waterproofed using their product, which will result in a permanent waterproofing solution.
  • Restaurant kitchen floors – Most health codes require a restaurant kitchen to be cleaned and washed down at least 3 to 4 times daily. Rough being the tenant under the restaurant if the waterproofing has failed. Their product will guarantee no failures.
  • Balcony’s – nice that your concerned neighbour washes their balcony every so often. Not nice when their water or rain water pitches up on your balcony destroying your personal items. Their product seals balconies effectively.
  • Stairwells – usually stairwells are left as annual maintenance items, because up to now, you couldn’t really waterproof them or even give a longer than 5 year guarantee. Tanking the stairwell with their product will give the asset owner a minimum of a 10 year maintenance free stairwell, with guarantees.
  • Plant roofs – it is not easy to waterproof a roof that has protrusions for the air-conditioning pipes and electrical conduits. It normally means that you have to cut the waterproofing product in order to achieve the corners their product is extremely versatile and allows you to cover the corners, without patching.

If you were wondering what kind of industry is best to join, this will be it. The green culture is growing by the day as more and more people are realising that they have an obligation to keep our world save.

Don’t miss the boat by waiting to become part of the culture as well, because before you know it, everyone would have scooped up this great opportunity, and you will be left behind, still wondering when your chance will ever arrive. It is here. Now!

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