Destination: South Africa

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South Africa flag

It is widely known that South Africans are obsessed with copying foreign concepts. Indeed, we at Whichfranchise receive enquiries pertaining to overseas concepts all the time. This is sad when one considers that we have world-class franchise offerings in our own back yard.

Doubtful? Well, consider this: Insight Research, a respected UK-based company with world-wide affiliations, has singled out South Africa as a leader in the field of retailing. It offers its subscribers an opportunity to join them on a South Africa Retail Study Tour. And no, the dates for the tour are not set to provide people from all over the world with an opportunity to attend FIFA 2010 at the expense of the taxman; it takes place from 8-11 February 2010.

The organisers stress that South Africa has some of the most advanced and innovative petrol forecourt, convenience store and supermarket formats in the world using the latest technologies. They also mention that South African convenience stores have either won or been short-listed for Insight NACS international convenience retailing awards every year in the last three years. Puts additional emphasis on Proudly South African! Doesn’t it?