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Corner Bakery Grows Year-on-Year-on-Year!

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Corner Bakery Grows Year-on-Year-on-Year!

Corner Bakery Grows Year-on-Year-on-Year!

CORNER BAKERY is probably most well known in the Engen Quickshops,in forecourts across Southern Africa – as the most convenient and delicious place for a premium pies, healthy snacks and an invigorating cup of Equatorial Coffee.

The brand has seen a steady year-on-year growth creating a landscape where South Africa’s largest bakery franchise group has decided to broaden its footprint to include standalone franchise stores as well. Franchises are owner operated and one owner can create a network of individual stores, with ease.

Corner Bakery Pies

As the 6th largest food franchise in terms of turnover and 2nd largest with regard to store count with over 430 outlets, CORNER BAKERY offers a solid investment opportunity with CORNER BAKERY having delivered double digit sales growth for the past eight years, making it a lucrative choice.

CORNER BAKERY stores are in South Africa and extend into Botswana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Reunion,Zambia and Zimbabwe. The established infrastructure of CORNER BAKERY anchors all franchises with the highest quality par-baked and pre-packed bakery products, made in a central production facility, to the highest standards and are distributed to stores with dependable logistics.

Global trends see future bakeries meeting consumer demands for quality-baked goods through the use of technological advances in par-baked and pre-packed bakery products. Par-baked frozen products that are baked to perfection on site retain the opportunity to delight the consumer with wafts of delicious baked yumminess while saving time, space and money. Pre-packed speciality products that are produced at the central bakery facilities add product variety without adding any complexities to store operations and allow each franchise to order, trial and stock on-the-go meals and fast food options that are tailored to the store’s specific market.

“Corner Bakery is renowned for making the nation’s favourite pies with the highest quality ingredients, an extensive range of flavours and a consistent product as our pies are baked on site direct from frozen. We offer a tiered and branded product range that we are fanatical about. From prudent quality controls to continuous innovation in taste and product profiles means that we can keep pie-lovers smiling at every bite.” Says David Botha, Retsol Marketing & Sales Director.

Franchise support includes a robust distribution network, market leading product costs, national marketing support, extensive consumer brand awareness and loyal customers with an insatiable appetite for CORNER BAKERY food.

About Corner Bakery Franchise

Corner Bakery is owned by franchise management and investment company, The Retsol Group. There are now more than 400 Corner Bakery stores in Engen Quickshops nationwide. Corner Bakery’s exclusive Equatorial Coffee blend is available at selected Corner Bakery outlets around the country. Equatorial Coffee is made with freshly ground beans combining the best flavours sourced from around the equator and always made with real fresh milk. Every cup delivers the same rich flavour and full body every time.

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