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Contribution Notice

Most franchises require potential franchisees to have at least 50% of the total investment (establishment cost of the franchise) available in cash. This is to ensure that the franchisee will be considered for finance with a commercial bank (A commercial bank will usually not provide a loan for more than 50% of the establishment costs. The reason for this is that a business cannot afford to repay a loan of more than 50% of the setup costs as it is too much money impacting the monthly cash flow. If more than 50% is financed, the business would be overburdened with debt from the outset.) If you do not have the cash requirement at this point in time, please wait before you send your enquiry to the franchisor. The availability of funds to invest in the franchise will be the first consideration when your enquiry is submitted and the franchisor will not engage further if you don’t have the funds available. In the interim, read more about franchising and save or collaborate with friends or family to accumulate the cash needed to make your franchise dream a reality.