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Chicken Xpress Ronnie Recycling Day with Mpact

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Chicken Xpress Ronnie Recycling Day with Mpact

Chicken Xpress Ronnie Recycling Day with Mpact

Chicken Xpress Ronnie Recycling Day (2)Troyeville Primary School was recently treated to an amazing day when Chicken Xpress and Mpact partnered up to teach the school children the importance of recycling.

While the Mpact mascot, Ronnie Recycler told the kids about how the collection of recyclables can help their school raise funds, the Chicken Xpress staff were hard at work preparing 1000 sponsored meals for the children, teachers and volunteers.

While this special day was a Mandela Day initiative, it’s certainly not the first of its kind for the Chicken Xpress family. Marketing Manager, Delon Biton, explains that the team is passionate about getting involved with community members. “Initiatives such as these are our way of making a difference in the communities we operate in and showing them how much we care.”

For this reason, Mpact and Chicken Xpress were a perfect match in making the awesome day happen. Mpact Recycling communications manager, Donna Noble, says the company is on a mission to teach children about looking after the planet one school at a time. “Visiting school’s such as Troyeville forms part of our Schools’ Recycling Programme. Troyeville Primary has been recycling with us since 2013 and is part of a Corporate Social Investment initiative that teaches children the importance of protecting their planet and highlights the role they can play, individually or as a team, by understanding recycling and waste separation.”

“We chose Troyeville Primary School specifically because we wanted to brighten the lives of children in one of Johannesburg’s disadvantaged areas,” Noble explains. Based on the smiles of the children involved, we’d say Mpact and Chicken Xpress did exactly that.

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