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Chicken Licken CEO Looses Battle to Cancer

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Chicken Licken CEO Looses Battle to Cancer

Chicken Licken CEO Looses Battle to Cancer

Last week, George Sombonos, the founder and CEO of Chicken Licken was laid to rest at the age of 67 after he lost the battle to cancer.

On the 23rd of November 2016, Chicken Licken wrote on their website, “In our 35th year, we as a business and a family, stand in awe of his legacy,” “We will remember his dedication, ingenuity and respect – not only as our CEO, but that of a family man of great integrity. It was a privilege being led by a man of George’s stature (sic). His business acumen was second to none. He was a tastemaker, a trendsetter, and a pioneer who stood for what was right when everybody around him went the path of least resistance.”

“Today we thank him for the profound impact he’s had on our lives.”

It began when Sombonos helped his Greek immigrant father in managing a roadhouse restaurant he owned in the early 70s, the Dairy Den. George then went to explore the United States in 1972 where he discovered and tasted different foods looking for a unique distinct taste to bring back home to South Africa

The Chicken Licken Franchise was founded in 1981 and the first two stores opened in the Alexander and Soweto townships.

May George Sombonos rest in peace!


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