Charlwood inducted into the IFE Franchise Hall of Fame

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The IFE has just announced the induction of U. Gary Charlwood into the Franchise Hall of Fame. That this is a big deal is born out by the fact that he shares this honour with franchising greats like Ray Kroc, Henry Block and Harland Sanders, founders of McDonalds, H&R Block and KFC respectively.

Charlwood is no stranger to the South African franchise fraternity. During the mid-1990s, he was guests of honour at a FASA Awards Banquet and delivered the keynote address. His brand is represented in South Africa under a master licence agreement.

When Charlwood addressed us, he made one statement that stands out in our minds. He said, ÔÇ£The ultimate security is to be good at what you do and then work for yourself. You must also love what you do. I was never motivated by money. If someone said to me, ÔÇÿYou can make lots of money manufacturing toiletsÔÇÖ this wouldnÔÇÖt do it for me. I have always enjoyed working with people to build something.ÔÇØ