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Cash Converters Supports Notion of Older Entrepreneurs

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Cash Converters Supports Notion of Older Entrepreneurs

Cash Converters Supports Notion of Older Entrepreneurs

In a December 2014 article published in The Star entitled ‘Give the older entrepreneurs a fighting chance’, Zolisa Soji highlights the benefits that older entrepreneurs could bring to the workplace if government and the private sector would give them a chance.

Richard Mukheibir, Managing Director of Cash Converters Southern Africa, agrees saying older entrepreneurs often prove to be some of the best franchisees.

“There’s no denying that middle-aged entrepreneurs bring with them a wealth of experience, whether it stems from failure or success. Many of our franchisees that fall within this category have created highly successful stores, injecting excellent business strategies and enthusiasm into the business.”

“We have a set of criteria when looking for potential franchisees and believe that age should not be a factor. If the applicant has a passion for retail, business experience in hand and the drive to run their own business then they will be considered.”

“Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of South Africa’s pressurised economy. We can’t simply wait for the government to create the change we need. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit must take the initiative to create new opportunities, a chance to give their very best to the country. For many people, the best option is to take the leap into the safety net of franchising.”

“With as many as 90 percent of new jobs expected to come from the SME sector in the next 20 years, middle-aged entrepreneurs need to be encouraged, not ostracised,” he concludes.

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