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Cash Converters Launches E-Learning Training for Franchisees and Employees

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Cash Converters Launches E-Learning Training for Franchisees and Employees

Cash Converters Launches E-Learning Training for Franchisees and Employees

Cash Converters Southern Africa has recently launched a comprehensive e-learning and video training tool available to all franchisees and their employees. The programme is set to become an indispensable tool for career planning and employee development for all levels of employees within the franchise.

Cash Converters Logo“Training is an essential part of any franchise model,” says Bev Slabbert, Training and Development Manager at Cash Converters. “With Cash Converters being an international brand, our new e-learning model ensures consistency with international standards and gives employees from all over the region easier access to training ensuring that we’re consistently delivering the same message that conveys our values and approach to customer service. Using this cutting edge technology we’re able to overcome gaps like education, culture, distance and language.”


Each curriculum consists of a growing number of interactive e-learning content and video clips as well as video episodes of a TV show called CashiesTV. “Our training is aimed at all levels of learners across the region, so the videos help us address issues such as language barriers. When people can actually watch a video about that module, it helps to bridge most gaps,” explains Slabbert. “Each video is about 20 to 25 minutes long and features actual Cash Converters employees on site at various stores. The main purpose of these videos is to convey the company’s culture while providing fresh, relevant learning content. They have animated inserts, they’re humorous and they’re fun and educational.”

How it works

Each employee receives their own individual log-in to the online e-learning platform. The first module is an induction and initial assessment. After the induction, employees are able to register for various modules, set goals for themselves and monitor their own progress through online assessments. “With their career path clearly mapped out, employees are able to take proactive steps towards their professional growth and ask their managers to guide them along that path. Managers are able to access the system to get a better idea of which employees can be fast tracked and how to fast track them, as well as to gain a better understanding where employees are struggling and how to help them.”

The modules include an in-store aspect with elements such as behavioural checklists. The manager can observe the employee during real time interactions with clients and tick off each line item as the employee achieves it.

“We have recently launched a performance management element on the same platform. Performance appraisals will take place on the system, weak points can be easily identified and then the correct training can be recommended.”

As part of the Cash Converters rebrand, which was first rolled out at the beginning of the year, we used the opportunity to remind our employees about our unique value set which is a common thread running throughout all the modules.  Slabbert says the aim is to guide employees in their interactions with customers.  “We wanted to inculcate our strong value set into our rebrand which showcases our revitalised and energised brand.”

The eLearning programme was in pilot for the past year and has now largely replaced the old-school classrooms and text book approach of the past. “We still need a classroom for some aspects of the training but we’re now better equipped to let training happen at the individual franchises,” says Slabbert.

Although parts of the system were internationally developed as part of the global Cash Converters brand, Slabbert worked closely with Kalleo Technologies to develop a uniquely Southern African product. Bev was personally involved with developing localised content and customising the system accordingly. This project required a good understanding of everything in the back end as well as issues such as change management and legislation around the development of educational content. With a degree in psychology, history in HR curriculum development, training, instructional design, database development and website design, Slabbert is uniquely qualified to see this project to fruition.

The eLearning platform was launched in late July, but the video training was launched in DVD format in mid-2014. “We received such a positive response and we can already see employees have more brand pride and are more motivated.

“Now our employees can enjoy training in their own environment, at their own pace and they can have a clear path to follow. The culture of the business is communicated and they understand that they’re part of something much bigger,” concludes Slabbert.

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