Cash Converters hits 20 years & rolls out their new branding

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Natalie Champion Marketing Manager of Cash Converters South Africa with new branding

Cash Converters, the largest second-hand goods franchise in the world, not only celebrates its 20th year of franchising in Southern Africa this year, but is rolling out a new brand corporate identity throughout its stores with the first new store complete in Bedworth Park in Vanderbijlpark.

Cash Converters New Brand Identity

Cash Converters New Brand Identity

The new store design, which imitates the global Australian model, will be rolled out nationally over the next three years and is intended to contemporise the brand and assist in attracting new customers and business to the stores.

South Africa and Canada are currently adopting the international corporate identity, thus moving away from their locally developed branding and aligning with the mother brand. “We are leading the charge and Australia expect that more countries operating under their own branding will follow,” says Natalie Champion, Marketing Manager at Cash Converters SA

Cash Converters International have spent eight years on the development of the logo and store design and all of this,  as well as the training insights, visual merchandising and marketing intellectual capital, will now be available to South African franchisees.

Champion says fresh revitalised training for franchisees and their staff is essential to the new rebranding exercise as it leverages global insights into modern retailing practices, professional management techniques and high ethical standards in the operation of Cash Converters stores. “This alignment gives franchisees even greater freedom to succeed with more in-depth access to the latest global tools and trends, taking advantage of the brand’s international experience and knowledge,” Champion explains.   “It’s a proven business model that is backed by strong operational support, bespoke sophisticated IT systems and international know-how. All of which we have implemented in our stores since signing our first franchise.”

Ever since this Australian-based company first opened its doors in South Africa in 1994, the franchise has just boomed.  Today there are 67 stores in Southern Africa, adding to an international network of over 775 stores in 21 countries across the globe.  The group plans to open another 18 more stores by the end of 2015.

“We believe by leveraging the global power of the brand, Southern African outlets will continue to grow to become one of the most recognizable brands in the sector,” concludes Champion.

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