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Cam-Era Franchise Signs 1st Franchisee

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Cam-Era Franchise Signs 1st Franchisee

Cam-Era Franchise Signs 1st Franchisee

After launching our franchise at the “Buy-a-Business Expo” in September 2018, we are thrilled to announce that we have awarded our first franchisee, Quinton Hattingh in Germiston.

The interest in our unique business format franchise is quite astonishing.


People have discovered there is finally a business they can own, that helps fight crime and simultaneously builds robust income for themselves.

What is unique about Cam-Era’s model?

After owning System Integration companies for most of his working life Sandham says “We have taken all the normal costs and repeated headaches away from the day to day worries of similar minded entrepreneurs” Go-getters, who had previously decided to start their own security technology company or who are currently operating an SMME installations service.

Behind the scenes

These expensive and seemingly troublesome issues: operations, logistics, cash-flow, purchasing stock, sundries, vehicles, fuel, petty cash, tools, employing staff, renting property and being called out to fix something in the middle of the night have all been removed from the franchises responsibilities 100%.


We have partnered with Macado Technologies nationally, who are the largest Videofied service providers in Southern Africa.

We Truly cannot make it simpler, faster or easier for you to have your own security technology franchise, and start cashing in on the ever-increasing crime wave.

Some crime stats from STATSSA 22 January 2019

DOCUMENTED CRIMES in SA were  3 923 403  (10 749 EVERY DAY!)

MURDERS 20 306 (55 EVERY DAY!)


The need for excellent security systems has never been more relevant, when one adds into our stresses, the impending LAND CLAIM  ISSUE,  which some people think is tantamount to extreme unrest, poverty and even CIVIL WAR. People need excellent security counter-measures in place IMMEDIATELY.

Verification is the next best thing

If our business model excites you, let’s talk today, as together we can help our own community feel safer every day. With presently over 2,200 sites monitored at the Macado control room, we can confirm that NONE of the will go back to old way of depending on a BLIND ALARM to protect them.

This franchise model has an escalating leveraged income stream, in addition to the lump sums enjoyed from every system sold

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