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Buying a Subway Franchise

Subway is one of the largest and most popular food franchises in the world.  It is therefore probably not surprisingly that we get asked a lot about buying a Subway franchise.  One of the most cited questions is whether you need to work in a Subway franchise or can you remotely manage it.

Subway, like any franchise, once the business is up and running you need to focus on making it the best of its kind in the territory. The first few years in every new business’s life are the most critical and a Subway franchise is no exception. Leaving its management to a salaried manager would be unwise because no matter what incentive scheme you put in place, an employee’s commitment is unlikely to match yours.

Subway requires franchisees to work in and manage their own Subway franchise initially.  As the business develops, the franchisee may have the opportunity to open more Subway franchises which would require them taking on a management role in order to oversee all of their Subway stores.

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