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Buying a Chicken Licken Franchise

If you are interested in buying a Chicken Licken franchise, or any other chicken franchise in South Africa, then you need to make sure that you fully research the opportunities. You need to make sure that it is a viable and ethical franchise opportunity.

So before you invest in any franchise, including Chicken Licken, you need to do your homework and investigate the following key points:

1. Your suitability for the role of franchisee. Find out all you can about franchising before you move into this field because not everyone likes to work within a relatively rigid system.
2. Your personal interests and your ability to fund the business. The franchisor will train you but unless you have passion for the sector, your success chances will be mediocre at best. And a shortage of capital can derail any new business.
3. The business sector’s current status and future outlook. It is generally not a good idea to enter a sector that is in decline, or where price cutting is rife.
4. The stability of the franchisor and the standing of the brand in the marketplace.
5. The prevailing vibe within the network – lack of enthusiasm for the brand and what it stands for can erode its success chances.

Obtaining honest answers to these questions is far too important to rely on the network’s disclosure document or a franchisor representative’s statements alone. Undertake your own investigation by speaking to existing franchisees in the network. Their contact information should be made available to you in the disclosure document. Once satisfied that everything is as it should be, you should ask recognised professionals to double-check your findings.

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