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Building the Classy Crete Brand

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Building the Classy Crete Brand

Building the Classy Crete Brand

Classy CreteName: Derek & Olene Less
Western Cape
Classy Crete

Why I chose franchising and Classy Crete
The previous company was reducing their workforce and jobs were in short supply. We did not want to hang onto a job that might disappear at any time. We decided that franchising was a good formula that was tried and tested. Classy Crete had a distinctive offering in a concept that was working well in a large market.

What I did before buying my Classy Crete franchise
I was a Retail Operations Secretary looking after 54 Stores.

How I raised the finance 
I paid for the franchise through inheritance I had received from my late father.

The training and support I receive Classy Crete
The level of training on offer was excellent, we were taken on site and was shown how the system worked from prep work to finish product.

The challenges I have faced
The road has been tough and we have worked hard to make it work. In tough economic times luxury products and services suffer more than essential services.

We have survived because we offer:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Add on service
  • High product knowledge
  • The assurance that our staff is fully trained


My advice to someone thinking of buying their first franchise
Prospects should think seriously about the impact that running a franchise will have on their lives and the attributes that it requires.

In the corporate sector you may be used to a 9 to 5 day but a franchise is a 24 hour job. It is also a radical shift in responsibility and will have a massive impact on family life. BUT IN THE END IT IS WELL WORTH IT!

My plans for the future
To continue to build the Classy Crete brand. Do not wait for work to come to you, go out and grab it before the opposition gets it.

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