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Brits Tycoon Opens Dual Maxi’s Outlets

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Brits Tycoon Opens Dual Maxi’s Outlets

Brits Tycoon Opens Dual Maxi’s Outlets

Maxi'sName: Paul Steyn
Maxi’sThe strategy of ‘double up or nothing’ seems appropriate to Brits local businessman Paul Steyn, who recently opened up a Maxi’s restaurant and take-away outlet in two separate locations. As business is no foreign concept to the former construction company CEO, Steyn is certain that his acquisition will prove not only to be lucrative, but will provide customers with a fresh choice of quality quick-service.“The initial idea was the development of the Maxi’s restaurant at the Brits Mall, which was incidentally built by the construction company I worked for. However, on a site visit with Maxi’s General Manager Louis Kirstein, we soon realised that the Greens filling station and convenience centre was ideal for a take-away outlet,” says Steyn.

“Both types of the Maxi’s Brits stores reach two completely different target markets. The most obvious being the frequent mall customer who enjoys a meal in between their daily visits. The other being the locals in the area and masses of travellers from as far as Zambia all the way to Johannesburg,” adds Christo Calitz, CEO of Taste Holdings Food Division.

Steyn emphasises that while he believes that the quality of service in both stores should be of the highest standard, there are significant management differences. “The restaurant has a more personal and inviting atmosphere, while the take-away store will still be personal but rather with a quick delivery system for the ‘grab and go’ customer.

“This long-term investment is a completely new and exciting venture, and I plan on exceeding full expectations. The main factor for me when running a successful franchise is management, from involvement to strategising for staff motivation and in-store operations,” concludes Steyn.

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